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Please try and keep your message as brief as possible. We will contact you if we need further information.

When to use this form...

This is a contact form for Hackney's Local Offer website.

By using this form you are contacting a website and not directly contacting individual services for example a nursery. 

The website provide information to help parents, carers and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) aged 0-25 find information about local services and support.

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.  

We publish responses to your comments and suggestions on the You said, we did section of the website.

Service listed on the website who need to request a change or update to their information can use this form to contact us. 

You can also contact us by…



Hackney Local Offer
Special Educational Needs
Hackney Learning Trust
1 Reading Lane
E8 1GQ

Or leave a message for Hackney’s Local Offer coordinator at the reception of Hackney Learning Trust, 1 Reading Lane, Hackney, E8 1GQ

Contacting services listed on the website...

If you are trying to contact a service please do this directly via the contact details provided for that particular service. If we receive an e-mail query on behalf of a service we will send you the contact details listed on the website so that you can do this. 

What we do with feedback about services...

If you are happy with a service you have received and want to leave feedback:

Each service listed in service directory has a rating or feedback option where you can leave feedback about the service. You need to have registered to make an account on the website to do this. Helpful and constructive feedback will be published in the feedback section of the related service.  

This feedback helps other parent/carers, young people, services themselves and commissioners build a picture of what is working well locally or what needs to change. 

If you are unhappy with a service you have received and want to leave feedback:

Each service entry has information about how to raise concerns or make complaints about the individual services or organisations. This feedback helps services themselves understand the needs of those accessing them and do more of what helps and less of what doesn't.  

If we receive information about a service that you have received we will forward it to the services manager. If necessary we will direct you to the complaints process for the service and make you aware of any advocacy or support services who can offer support. 

If you are not happy with the response from Hackney's Local Offer, you can make a complaint through Hackney Council’s complaints procedure  

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