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The following information and contact details are for services and crisis support options if you live in Hackney and need urgent crisis support. Please use the service cris contact details provided to be in touch with the services.

Social Care and Safeguarding

If you are concerned a child is in immediate danger call the Police on 999

Hackney Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

Safeguarding and social care queries about children in Hackney can be raised through
Hackney’s Children and Families Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).
Phone: 0208 356 5500

Safeguarding in Education Team

Phone: 020 8820 7325

Disabled Children’s Social Care

Phone: 020 8356 6789 OR 020 8356 4865
Duty Line: 0208356 6789 9 am to 5 pm

Adult Safeguarding 

If you are concerned an adult is in immediate danger call the Police on 999

Social Care queries about adults in Hackney can be raised online
via the Adult Social Care request form on this webpage.
Phone: 020 8356 6262

Emergency Duty Team (Adults)

Out of hours contact the Emergency Duty Team 5 pm – 9 am and weekends
Phone: 0208 356 2710

Urgent Mental Health Support in East London

If you need urgent support or advice because you are feeling overwhelmed, have out-of-control thoughts, or are worried you might harm yourself or someone else, you should call an NHS crisis line immediately.

These are free, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and available to adults, children, and young people. You will speak to experienced staff who can help you.

East London CAMHS Crisis Service

The East London CAMHS Crisis Service aims to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time to promote safety and recovery from crisis.

We provide the following to children and young people:

  • Therapeutic assessment
  • Formulation of collaborative safety and coping plans
  • Multi-agency liaison to support appropriate follow-up
  • Telephone callbacks for children, young people, their families or professionals contacting the All Age Mental Health Crisis Line
  • Crisis resolution and solution focused brief therapy for 17 ½ year olds
  • How to access our service?

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the City and Hackney mental health crisis line on 0800 073 0006

You can also access our service by attending the A&E (Accident and Emergency) department at the Homerton University Hospital which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you are concerned about someone you know please encourage them to call.
While it’s quicker if they can call themselves you can also call on their behalf if that isn’t possible.

City and Hackney’s crisis services offer immediate help if you are in distress or crisis. They will also follow up with a range of support to help you find new ways to cope with difficulties and avoid a future crisis.

Crisis cafe

Walk-in Crisis Café As well as offering a welcome cup of tea or coffee, the Crisis Café is a safe, supportive place for anyone who feels they are struggling or not coping.

Walk-in Crisis cafe
The Raybould Centre
City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health
E9 6SR
United Kingdom

Opening hours are 6 pm - 9 pm on weekdays and 12 pm - 4 pm on weekends.
Email address
Phone 07393 762 366

Housing Options and Advice

If you are worried about becoming homeless, you can ask for help from the Council who will give you information or discuss your housing options with you based on your circumstances.

Housing advice contact line: 020 8356 2929 (9 am - 6 PM)
Phone: 2020 8356 2300 (from 6 pm) to 9 am)


Shelter is a national charity for people who have housing problems. They can help you understand your rights and get the support you need.

Access Shelters information online, helpline details, and web chat here.


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