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What's on? Coronavirus updates

Looking for something to do? Want to know what's happening in and around your local area?

Going out and meeting other people is an important part of life for everyone.There are lots of different activities, opportunities and groups for families and young people living in Hackney. The following information provides more details on a wide range of opportunities and events.

Corona Virus - update on social distancing

These are unusual times and following government and public health guideline events and services are reducing direct contact between people known as social distancing

Explaining what is different right now - and why - to children and young people with SEND will need extra thought. Local and national experts have been making and sharing information, advice, resources and activity ideas for those with a range of SEND needs. We have collated some of this and you can find it here

Many services are still working and offering support to families that need it.You can find out what the current contact details and arrangements are below. 

Page last moderated:  23/03/20

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