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Who can attend this group? 

Are you autistic or do you care for an autistic child, young person, or adult?

Do you also live and or work in Hackney?

If so, we are looking for new people like you to join the ‘Autism Experts by Experience Group’ and mailing list.

We are looking for: 

  • Adults over 18 who are autistic and live in Hackney. 
  • People who help support and care for an autistic adult, child or young person. 

The group often runs during the school term time but young people aged 15, 16 or 17 years old are also welcome to attend if they are free to do so. 

How do I sign up to attend? 

If you are interested in joining the group please sign up here.

If you need any help to do this email Jody and ask to be added to the mailing list.


So why should I sign up to the mailing list?

Being on the mailing list does not mean you have to attend any meetings.

If you DO join the mailing list, you will be able to:

  • receive updates about the City and Hackney Autism Strategy
  • learn about new local and national initiatives relating to the autistic community
  • hear about opportunities to connect with other autistic people
  • join in with discussions about local services and how they support autistic people

What happens at the meetings?

We discuss experiences of existing mainstream services like Hackney’s NHS services and Hackney Council services.

We look at what’s working and what needs to change or be developed.

We decide how we can work together to improve things and make Hackney a more understanding and inclusive borough for all people who are autistic and those who may be supporting them in some way.

This helps us develop and implement Hackney's Autism Strategy which you can find here

Where and when are the meetings?

If you sign up to the mailing list you will be sent information about all the meetings with no obligation to attend. 

Meetings are usually held at Clissold House above the Cafe in Clissold Park.

Meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Meetings take place between 1-3pm but extra time is allowed for socialising with other people attending the group and the venue is booked for longer to help with this.

How often are the meetings? 

The Experts by experience group meets once a month.

These are hybrid meetings, so there is an option to join either face to face or virtually.

If you can attend in person there is plenty of time, after formal discussions, to mix and socialise with other people who attend the group including other autistic adults.

You can come once, sometimes or everytime. It's up to you. 

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