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Hackney's Education Youth Inclusion Team (EYIT)

Hackney Education,
1 Reading Lane,
E8 1GQ
Telephone: 0208 820 7522


Who we are...

Hackney Education's Inclusion and Specialist Support Team are pleased to launch the Education Youth Inclusion Team (EYIT).

EYIT will help champion inclusion in Hackney's schools. This project will run with support from a member of the Inclusion and Specialist Support Team and other SEN Teams. 

The specialist teacher coordinating EYIT will help agree and arrange speakers and lead on communication between schools and parents for those taking part in this project. 

Who is it for?

We would like the team to be made up of young people aged seven to seventeen who...

  • Identify as having an additional need and/or a disability (this can mean they are on SEN Support or have an EHC Plan)

  • Have an understanding of their needs or diagnosis

  • Are passionate about inclusion and teaching others how to understand their needs

  • Are interested in meeting other young people who have additional needs

What children and young people involved with the EYIT will do?

We would like the children and young people taking part in this project to: 

  • be happy to meet teams at Hackney Education who work with young people with additional needs, and learn about what the teams do.
  • be happy to be consulted on things relating to Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • want to get involved in projects for young people with additional needs at a local and national level  
  • be interested in supporting or getting involved with training schools on inclusion  
  • want to help organise social and educational events for young people with additional needs  
  • take part in activities like a competition to design a logo for the group 
  • want to develop new skills on advocating for and influencing others on topic related to young people and SEND  

How would EYIT be good for me?

This would be a great opportunity for students aged 14-17 years of age to;

  • be introduced to and get a better understanding of the SEND departments in Hackney
  • be part of an opportunity for SEND Services to include young people in decision making that affects them
  • benefit yourself AND others by having a coordinated collective "Pupil Voice" within SEND education services in Hackney
  • open up more opportunities for all young people with SEND in Hackney,
  • gain work experience in supportive environments,
  • be an experience to reference when applying for further education and jobs.  

How would the EYIT achieve this?

  • The EYIT would meet at least once a half term (virtually for now due to COVID restrictions) with support from the project lead. The project lead has a wide range of creative and specialist teaching knowledge, experience and skills to share with those taking part.
  • Depending on the amount of interest from children and young people there might be 2 groups to help ensure activities are age appropriate and offering the most relevant options. One for those aged 7-13 years of age and one for those ages 14-17 years of age.
  • Activities for the group will also focus on creating opportunities for more young people with additional needs in Hackney.
  • Each meeting would involve hearing from a guest speaker who will talk about their work. This may be a professional working at Hackney Education or a role model who has additional needs. Professionals would teach the young people helpful new skills to bring back and share within their schools.
  • The EYIT would get involved in local projects for young people with SEND, as well desirable projects involving other young people with SEND across London and Nationally. 

All of these opportunities will help you develop new understandings and skills that will help you as you go through life. 

What do I need to do if I want to join in?

Record Last Updated on: 26/11/2020

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Meeting dates will be agreed and shared directly with group members

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