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Language Resourced Schools in Hackney

Hackney Education,
1 Reading Lane,
E8 1GQ
Telephone: Admin: 020 7683 4262
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What is a Language Resourced School?

Language Resourced Schools (LRS) are mainstream maintained schools that provide extra support for children that have; a diagnosis of developmental language disorder or severe speech disorder.

Children and Young People receive a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder or severe speech disorder from a qualified Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT).

How many LRS does Hackney have? 

There are two of schools with this enhanced support in Hackney:

What is being at a language resourced school like?

Children who go to Language Resourced Schools join their peers for all their class lessons and activities. They also get a high level of extra help from Speech and Language Therapists working in the school. This may include:

  • one-to-one work with the Speech and Language Therapist
  • small-group sessions
  • in-class support
  • whole class sessions

The Teachers and Learning Support Assistants work closely with the Speech and Language Therapists. They are highly trained and supported to help the children in the Language Resourced School classes learn and develop.

Your child would spend most of their time in a mainstream class with their peers. They would also often come out of class for extra Speech and Language Therapy support.

All children in the school have the same break times and lunch times and socialise together throughout the school day.

Class teachers are specifically trained in adjusting lessons for children with speech and language difficulties.

Who gets allocated a place at a Language Resourced School?

Places in the LRS are for: 

  • Children with a severe speech disorder / difficulty
  • Children with developmental language disorder

Your Speech and Language Therapist can talk with you about whether this is a suitable option for your child. You can contact the service if you need to find out more.

A decision panel allocates places at the Language Resourced Schools. Places at the LRS are based on the needs of the child. You do not need to have an EHC Plan (Education, Health and Care Plan) to be allocated a place in a LRS.

How will I know how my child is doing?

The progress of children in the LRS is formally reviewed at least once a year this may also be called an Annual Review.

How do we work with parents?

There are opportunities for parents to meet regularly with the speech and language therapist working with your child.

There are coffee mornings for parents throughout the school year. These are an opportunity to meet and get to know other parents who have children facing similar challenges. They are also an opportunity to get extra advice and guidance on working with your child at home from a therapist.

My child already gets speech and language therapy. Can they stay in their current school?

Although moving schools can feel daunting for a child, the extra help could make an big difference to their speech or language.

If you are trying to make this decision talk it over with your child, partner, close friends and professionals. This will help see if it is the right decision for you and your child.

How long is a placement in the Language Resourced School?

Your child would be able to stay as long as they need extra help, up until year 6. For some children this might be just a year or two. Their progress will be formally reviewed annually. Any plans to leave the Language Resourced School will be discussed with you.

If a child leaves their LRS placement, their place within the main school setting is still available if they want to continue with their education at the same school.

Will my child definitely get a place?

Places at Hackney's Language Resourced Schools are limited. To request a place you must agree for your child’s case to be discussed at a panel held at Hackney Education. The panel includes health and education specialists.

Your current nursery or school's Link Speech and Language Therapist can support you through the application process.

If a placement for your child is not available there may be a chance to apply again at a later date.

Can my child get help with transport to get to school?

If you or your child has difficulty getting to the Language Resource School they may be eligible for additional support with their travel.

Hackney Education Pupil benefits - Help with home to school travel

Hackney SEND Travel Assistance Service

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Local Offer

Contact Name
Helen Wilson - Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

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Referral Details

To request a place you must agree for your child’s case to be discussed at a panel meeting at Hackney Education. 

Your current nursery or school's Link Speech and Language Therapist can support you through this process. 

Or contact Helen Wilson, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.

Contact details at the top of this page.

How to Get Here

The Language Resourced Schools Service is run from Sir Thomas Abbney and Thomas Fairchild schools. 

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