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What are Children’s Centres?

Children’s Centres provide activities and support for all, families with children under 5. Through making contact with your local Children’s Centre you can get family support and access to childcare, health and education services for yourself and your child or children and free fun activities.

What services can you get at Children’s Centres?

Children’s centre offers a range of activities and services which include services for all children including those with SEND.

Stay and play activities

Free drop-in sessions for you and your child.

Some Children's Centres in Hackney have Sensory Play rooms for children with additional needs or sensory impairments. 

Activities timetables for all Children's Centres are linked to in their individual entries. 


Childcare (Integrated care and education for children 0-5 years)

These services are for children aged up to 5 years or children whose parents live or work in Hackney.

Daycare services for children need to be paid for by parents but there may be some help with these costs. 

Community outreach and parental involvement

Children’s Centres work with parents to develop local services. Taking part in these activities can help parents develop valuble new skills and increase their confidence in finding work or changing how they work now that they have children. 

Training and employment

Encouragement and support to help parents or carers into training and employment by:

  • raising awareness of the information and support available
  • signposting to education and training at all levels
  • offering skills training and opportunities to volunteer
  • providing links to Jobcentre Plus
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

A range of child and family health services including:

Speech and language therapy -

Speech and language therapy trained therapists can help your child if they are finding it hard to talk.


Relevant advice and support for pregnant and new parents on giving birth, breast feeding and issues around smoking.

Information leaflets and signposting on to specific services if appropriate.

Healthy eating

Nutritionists or Dietitians based in the children’s centre will work with children and families to make sure they have an understanding of healthy eating. Nutritionists or Dietitians can also assess for any food related health problems.

Mental health services

Direct support to children and families e.g. counselling, support for children in their daycare setting.

CAMHS Alliance

Early Help and Family support services 

A Common Assessment Framework (CAF) referral, may be made to the children’s centre Multi-Agency Team meeting for early help, where there are two or more needs impacting on the child and the child is not already supported by Hackney Ark

Families with children under 5 can receive a visit from a member of the children’s centre multi-disciplinary team.

This team helps with problems they may be experiencing and includes:

  • Family Support Workers
  • Health Visitors
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Portage Workers and
  • Social Workers

Parenting programmes

Parenting classes for all parents /new parents / parents with many children.

These parenting programmes:

  • support stressed or isolated parents
  • support families where there is domestic violence or substance misuse
  • support families new to the borough or who are asylum seekers or refugees
  • support young parents
  • support fathers involvement with their child from pregnancy
  • give advice and information about accident prevention
  • give financial advice on benefits or debts (some Children's Centres offer free advice sessions from CAB - Citizens Advice Bureaux) 
  • help parents to support their child’s learning

Find out more: Parenting Programmes

Some Children's centres offer specialist parenting programmes like The Earlybird CourseThe Earlybird Plus Course

Links with schools and other settings

There are links between the Children’s Centres, Childminders, schools and settings in each children’s centre area.

Children’s centres:

  • support children as they move from daycare to school
  • deliver services to staff and children in settings
  • give information about children’s centre services to parents and staff in schools and other settings
  • act as a link between the schools, settings, parents, health and social services providers

Which Children’s Centres can you go to and where are they?

There are 6 Children’s Centre areas in Hackney ( A, B, C, D, E, F) and 21 Centres. Usually you attend your local one but you may also access activities and services at other centres. Strategic Children’s Centres coordinate services in each area but all centres will be able to direct you to appropriate support and services.

Please see contact details and links to individual Children’s Centres below:

Children’s Centres AREA – A

Woodberry Down Children’s Centre (Strategic)

Spring Park Drive, off Green Lanes, N4 2NP

Phone: 020 8815 3270

Hillside Children’s Centre

1 Leatherhead Close, Holmleigh Road, N16 5QR

Phone: 020 8800 7325

Children’s Centres  AREA – B

Children's Centre at Tyssen (Strategic)

Oldhill Street,

N16 6QA

Phone: 020 8806 4130

Fernbank Children's Centre

1A Fountayne Road,

N16 7EA

Phone: 020 8806 6622

Lubavitch Children's Centre

1 Nothfield Road,

N16 5RL

Phone: 020 8809 9050

Ihsan Children's Centre

66-68 Cazenove Road,

N16 6AA

Phone: 020 8806 1147 (option3)

Children’s Centres  AREA – C

Linden Children's Centre (Strategic)

86-92 Rectory Road,

N16 7SH

Phone: 020 7254 9939

Comberton Children’s Centre

10 Comberton Road,


E5 9PU

Phone:  020 8806 0680

Children’s Centres  AREA - D

Daubeney Children’s Centre (Strategic)

Daubeney Road,


E5 0EG

Phone:  020 8525 7040

Clapton Park Children’s Centre

161 Daubeney Road,


E5 0EP

Phone: 020 8986 7437

Children's Centre at Gainsborough

Berkshire Road,


E9 5ND

Phone: 020 8525 9020

Millfields Children's Centre

Elmcroft Street,

E5 0SQ

Phone: 020 8525 6410

Wentworth Children’s Centre

Granard House,

Bradstock Road,

E9 5EX

Phone: 020 8985 3491 (option 2)

Children’s Centres  AREA - E

Sebright Children’s Centre (Strategic)

Haggerston Park

Queensbridge Road,

E2 8NP

Phone:  020 7749 1210

Comet Nursery School and Children’s Centre

20 Halcomb Street,

N1 5RF

Phone:  020 7749 9850

Minik Kardes Children's Centre and Community Nursery

53-55 Balls Pond Road,

N1 4BW

Phone:  020 7923 7226

Thomas Fairchild Children's Centre

Thomas Fairchild Primary School,

Napier Grove,

N1 7HX

Phone:   020 7253 9469

Children’s Centres  AREA - F

Ann Tayler Children's Centre (Strategic)

1-13 Triangle Road off Westgate Street,

E8 3RP

Phone: 020 7275 6020

Mapledene Children's Centre

54 Mapledene Road,

E8 3LE

Phone:   020 7249 8139

Morningside Children's Centre

Chatham Place,

E9 6LL

Phone:   020 8525 2400

SEND Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years and Pregnancy 0-4
Primary 4 -10
Parents and Carers
SEN Provision Type
  • Universal
  • Targeted

Where to go

Various venues across Hackney
Venue Notes

Please click on the links to the individual Children's Centres see more details on how to get there and any information about disabled parking.

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