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Changing Places

There are over 1000 changing places toilets in the UK.

They offer the facilities of a normal accessible toilet for disabled people but with extra space (7m² originally and now 12m²), an adult changing bench and a hoist (you will need to bring your own sling), which are essential for people who have a carer or profound and multiple learning disabilities or cannot reasonably use standard accessible toilets.

Some toilets which don't meet the full specification are registered as Changing Places 'U' toilets (undersized). Other public toilet facilities exist and are included on our database, such as 'Space to Change' toilets, if they include at least all the features of a Changing Places 'U' toilet.

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Changing Places do not always use a RADAR key (available from

Some may be unlocked and some may need to be unlocked especially for you.

It is advisable to check with the venue for details which are important to you, before travelling.

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Our free phone apps allow you to search by postcode or town and also to find the nearest Changing Places toilets.

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Changing Places

Phone: 0207 803 2876




The Radar Key Scheme

Since the first Radar toilet opened more than 400 local authorities and thousands of businesses have joined the scheme. Some 9,000 toilets are now listed as being accessible via the Radar key but the figure is probably much higher.

Accessible toilets have:

  • wide entrances
  • disability symbols on the door
  • can be found in public areas, office blocks, pubs or restaurants


Unlike regular public toilets, the doors to these toilets may be kept locked so they can be kept cleaner and for the use of disabled people only. 

They are regularly only available for use on request.

People can apply for a RADAR key that unlocks toilets using this system.

Official Radar keys cost about £5, including postage and packing.

They can be bought from participating local authorities or the Disability Rights UK shop.

A National Key Scheme guide is produced for purchase each year, which lists the location of every Radar loo on record. A smartphone app is also available to give directions.

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R.A.D.A.R. Key Company



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