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Who we are...

The Best Start with HENRY service in City & Hackney is supporting hundreds of local families with children aged 0-5 – from shortly after birth, right through to starting school – to provide a healthy, happy start in life for their children and the whole family.

Providing a healthy, happy start for young children helps lay the foundations for a brighter future where children flourish throughout childhood and beyond.

What we do... 

 The Best Start with HENRY in City and Hackney provides FREE services that support healthy nutrition, active lifestyles, and parenting for families with children under 5 & includes: - Group workshops on topics such as fussy eating and starting solids. -

The Healthy Families 8-week Group Programme which supports families in achieving healthy lifestyle goals. Participating families receive a free HENRY toolkit. - Information on free vitamins for children under 4, pregnant women and new mums and the eligibility for Healthy Start scheme for help to buy fruit, vegetable and milk.

Healthy Families programme

Joining the FREE programme is easy and can be accessed by a smart phone or a computer/laptop/tablet. You will also receive a HENRY toolkit with a heap of colourful resources to support you along the way.

The 8 Week Healthy Families Group Programme - run 3 times a year Starting Solids workshops - both online and in-person at local Children's Centres - on going Fussy Eating workshops - both online and in-person at local Children's Centres - on going To find details on when are workshops/programmes are on look at our calendar:

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Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years and Pregnancy 0-4
Primary 4 -10
Secondary 11-14
Preparing for Adulthood 14-18
Young Adults 18 - 25
Parents and Carers
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  • Universal

Who to contact

07519 109876 07519 109876
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Where to go

Linden Children’s Centre
86-94 Rectory Road

N16 7SH

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Venue Notes

Sessions run from local Children's Centres and other community venues.

Families are encouraged to check travel arrangements for the setting where programmes are being offered. 

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  • Morning
  • Afternoon
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Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
HENRY Groups are term time only

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Who is eligible?

1) Healthy Families workshops and groups are available for parents and carers with children aged under 5 years who live in or are registered with a GP in the City and Hackney.

2) Healthy Families workshops and groups run in several Children’s centres across Hackney and accepts referrals from parents or carers who are interested in developing their skills to provide a healthy lifestyle for their families or are concerned about their child’s weight, eating habits or physical activity levels.

3) HENRY accepts referrals from professionals working with under 5 year olds and their families who are concerned about a child’s weight or

•A child over two years of age with a BMI >91st centile

• A child whose weight is on or above the 99.6th centile

• A child whose weight has gone up by more than two centile lines

3) Healthy Start vitamins are available for all pregnant women, new mothers and children under 4 years living or with a GP in City or Hackney

Referral required?


Referral Details

Information for parents/carers...

Families can self-refer to HENRY. 

Find out how we can help you 

Phone: 07519 109876


Come and speak to us at your nearest Children’s Centre when our workshops or programmes are running.

Information for professionals...

If you are a professional and would like to refer a family to the 8 week Healthy Families group programme, please download and complete our referral form.

The Best Start with HENRY service is also providing practitioner training courses for health and early years practitioners across City & Hackney to help you provide effective support for a healthy start to the families you work with.

Contact us on to find our more, including the next available sessions. 

Find out how we can help you 

Phone: 07519 109876


What to do if you have a complaint

HENRY hopes and expects everyone participating in HENRY activities of any kind will have an enjoyable and enriching experience.

HENRY takes seriously any discomfort or dissatisfaction from anyone accessing any HENRY services or activities.

Complaints can be made in person, over the phone or by email to a practitioner or the manager in the service.

Alternatively complaints can be made through the HENRY National Office.

Phone: 01865 302973


Can parents & young people buy this service as part of their SEND personal budget?


SEND Personal Budget - Notes
This service if free for eligable families.


  • Services are offered for FREE to families with under 5s
  • Families wishing to take part must be living in City or Hackney
  • or registered with a City and Hackney GP

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