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The process of setting up a new Direct Payment 

This process information is aimed at Social Workers but may be of interest and or helpful to families who are in the process of being set up for Direct Payments. 

Please note that once a referral is made to the Direct Payments team it can take between 4 to 6 weeks to set up the direct payment to the client. 

Where required, interim arrangements should be made to meet care and support needs while the Direct Payment is set up and finalsed. Parents and carers can discuss this with their Social Worker. 

This process is the same process as the one for a One-off Payment.

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First steps for the Social Worker to take

The social worker completes the assessment and sends the Care and Support Plan to Panel for authorisation via Mosaic. 

The Direct Payments Decision Panel

Panel agrees and sends the assessment and the Care and Support Plan back to the Social worker to complete a Direct Payment referral. 

Second steps for the Social Worker

The social worker completes the Direct Payment referral form, completing all relevant fields accurately on Mosaic which notifies the Direct Payment Team. 

Mosaic is a digital software system designed for children's and adults case management and associated finance services.

It simplifies the recording and monitoring of pathways. It connects social care and the multiple data entries of GP, hospital, and outpatient care into a simple, single view, providing practitioners with direct access to up to date client information. 

The Direct Payments Team become involved

A Direct Payment support officer is allocated and contacts the service user or their authorised person within 3 working days of receiving the referral. 

Transition form Brokerage to a Direct Payment

The Brokerage service are informed where a Direct Payment has taken over the existing package. This is becuase Brokerage will need to close any in-house service and notify providers before the transition to the Direct Payment can be set up.

NOTE: Brokerage requires a two week notice period to end a Package of Care.

Direct payments informs the client

Direct Payment support officer to contact service user/authorised person to discuss how Direct Payment works. This includes how payroll works and a confirmation start date for the direct payment to commence.

If the service user wants to go ahead with the Direct Payment, all the necessary forms are either emailed or posted for the service user to complete.

Setting up the client on Mosaic.

The Direct Payment support officer then uploads signed Contract and supporting documents into Mosaic.

Suppliers form and reference number

Direct Payment support officer sends Supplier Form to Supplier Management to get CedAr reference number. 

Direct Payment officer then purchases service on Mosaic for the direct payment and sends it for authorisation and load care charges element on the system (if relevant).

Notifying the Finance and Care Charging team

Direct Payment Support Officer will send a purchase order to the Finance and Care Charging Team.

The Direct Payments Contract

The Direct Payment officer sends a welcome letter to the service user or their authorised person in the post or by email along with Direct Payments contract

Finance Team check and releasing the funds to the client

Finance Team checks payment against information on Mosaic (purchase order) and supplier number funds are released to service user’s account or prepaid card

Traditional, Pre-paid and manager or third party Direct Payments

There are 3 different models of Direct Payment. 


  • The service user must set up a bank account

  • Hackney raise a bank transfer or BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System) into the client’s account
  • The client pays the carer 

  • To maintain an audit trail, the client submits bank statements and timesheets to Hackney on a quarterly basis

Pre-Paid (recommended)

  • The same as the ‘traditional’ method however the client has a pre-paid card given to them by Hackney.
  • Hackney can monitor the bank account remotely without the need for statements.

Managed or Third Party

  • Money is held by Hackney where a person is not able to manage the administrative and financial side of direct payments.

  • Hackney pays the carer directly on behalf of the client or person being cared for. 

  • Hackney acts as an agency if clinets use this option. 

Parents or carer and Social Workers can contact Direct Payments if they have queries.

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