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Well-being and learning resources for children and young people with SEND

This information and these resources are relevant and appropriate for children and young people with a range of SEND needs. They focus on explaining and reinforcing the current guidelines on social distancing and include learning and activity suggestions and opportunities that may be helpful and have a well-being focus. 

Updates will be added if sutiable and helpful resources are identified. 

Page last modified: 19/06/20

Government Guidance have issues two relevant resources for parents of children with additional needs.

Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Keeping busy now life has changed (explainer and activity suggestions)

The Children’s Commissioner has created a children’s guide to coronavirus to help answer children’s questions, tell them how to stay safe and protect other people and how to help make the best of time at home.

Source of resource:

How to Talk to Children about COVID-19 (advice and information)

City and Hackney CCG and CAMHS

CAMHS have put together this helpful information for families during the current pandemic. 

COVID-19 resources for parents-carers CAMHS (information, resources and links)

This short leaflet helpfully identifies sources of support for a those experiencing different levels of difficulty and includes current contact numbers for a range of eventualities. 

City  Hackney CAMHS COVID Getting Help 

New City and Hackney CAMHS Alliance website 

CAMHS Alliance - You Tube Channel (more videos and webinars will be added as they become availble) 

University of Sussex

Tips that might help in the current situation.What we have learned about keeping children on an even keel, when you yourself are not?

Find out more: How to Talk to Children about COVID-19

Resource source: Sam Cartwright-Hatton, Professor of Clinical Child Psychology. Abby Dunn, Research Fellow. University of Sussex, and Sussex Partnership NHS Trust.

Find out more: COVID19 Advice for parents and carers

Resource source: Reading University and Oxford University 

Managing worry in times of COVID (advice and information)

  • What is worry and anxiety and what strategies can you use to manage unhelpful worrying?
  • How do we look after our well-being through a balance of activities that provide pleasure, a sense of achievement and closeness with others (included helpful examples)?
  • How to challenge negative thoughts by developing a compassionate stance & more balanced view?

Download: Managing worry in times of COVID

Resource source:

The (F)ACE technique (advice, information, resources)

Russ Harris (The happiness trap) has put together some helpful tips for managing anxiety and adapting to current situation of COVID-19. It includes the helpful mnemonic FACE, which describes four simple steps to catch yourself and detach from an unhelpful cycle of worries. He also includes a link to free audio recordings to practice the (F)ACE technique, which he describes as "dropping anchor" to ground yourself in the present moment instead of being carried away by catastrophic thoughts about the future. 

The recordings – vary from 1 - 11 minutes in length. Use them and listen to them as a guide to help you develop and practice this skill. Available to download or stream.  

Resource source: 

Corona Virus - safety information (information)

This Coronavirus safety information has great cartoon visuals appropriate for young people that help explain and reinforce the messages about how to help yourself and others stay safe. View online or download.

Teenager appropriate Corona Virus - safety information

Resource source: Siemens

Poster to time washing hands (online resource)

You may already know about this popular online resource for making a personalised graphic hand washing poster. Add your favourite song lyrics and it will generate the poster for you to download. It’s easy, fun and teenagers will also like it.

Source of resource:

My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule (activity, downloadable resource)

The Covid-19 Time Capsule is an activity idea that provides a way in for children and young people with their parents to think through the impact of Covid-19 on our lives. It’s also an activity to prompt being mindful of the things that help structure our lives normally and think about how we might keep hold of these during the coming weeks and months.

Download the pdf: My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

Resource source: Graphic Designer - Natalie Long – Canada

The Sensory Project (online activity suggestions)

The Sensory Project has provided helpful fun learning activity resources to help keep you busy when staying safe and staying home. The resources are loosely grouped on the website and aimed at people with additional needs and are also appropriate for students who have additional needs and attend mainstream schools.

Sesame Street (online information and activity resources) 

For younger children, Sesame Street have launched a new website based on caring, that provides ideas to help develop structure and routine for children throughout the day.

PE with Joe (online activity)

Joe Wicks everyone’s favourite fitness trainer, is offering free online work out sessions. Exercise is an amazing tool that helps us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic. The free workouts are fun and suitable for all ages so adults can get involved as well.

Minecraft (online resource)

Minecraft announce special free education packages to keep kids learning while playing.  Special activities in the package allow users to visit the International Space Station, explore landmarks in the Nation's Capital, learn to code with a robot, explore marine biology and more…

Audio Books and online learning (online resource)

Audible are offering access to free audio books for children and young people

Harper at Home (online resource)

Harper at Home from Harper Collins offers free online resources, fun content, entertaining story times and read-aloud, activities.  Content includes twice weekly Shelf Stuff videos for 7-12 year olds, weekly Epic Reads and book recommendations. 

Scholastic are offering highly praised learn at home resources for families, students and educators through their “Learning from Home” free hub . Daily projects help keep children and young people reading and thinking, and growing” (online resource)

Babbel are offering a month’s free access to their language learning app for students. (online resource)

McGraw Hill is offering free access, training, and support for their digital learning platforms to instructors and students. (online resource)

Free 60 day offer from Nessy

There is a free 60 day offer from Nessy who produce programmes to support reading, spelling and writing skills. These are particularly useful for dyslexic students and also for other children who struggle in those areas. The offer is exclusive to their Reading and Spelling (for those aged 6-11) and Writing Beach ( for those aged 7-14 ) programmes.

 These provide a nice structure that parents might appreciate if supporting children who struggle in these areas at home. 

Resource source:

Crick Software 

Many children do not currently have access to educational software at home, and this will be particularly important for learners who usually benefit from additional reading and writing support when at school.

Crick Software would like to offer every school free access for their pupils and teachers to use on their home devices. You can choose from:

Clicker for primary schools (works on iPad, Chromebook, Windows & Mac)

DocsPlus for secondary schools (works on Chromebook, Windows & Mac)

If this would be of help to those you work with, simply complete this access request form and we will contact you with your access codes and installation instructions. 

If you would like any additional information on the above, please give us a call on 01604 671691 or to send an email over to

Page last modified: 09/04/20

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