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Complaints, comments, compliments and feedback

We want to know what you think of Hackney's Local Offer website and the information we have added to it.

If you have a concern, complaint or compliment please contact us.

Page last updated 23/04/21

Positive feedback on Hackney's Local Offer website 2017 -2018...

“Thanks so much. Really appreciate your efforts”. Parent comment after raising an issue with commissioners.

“This is great, many thanks.  I don’t think we will see you on Tuesday considering we have some great resources hear to work with.” Parent comment after discussion and receiving sent information.

“The Local Offer website has helped me. I found out about outreach services and drop-in sessions to find and access support for my son.” Parent at consultation event

 “I love the local offer. Instead of having information in lots of different placed I know where to go. I use it all the time.” Parent feedback

“I think this is a great way of sharing information and keeping us informed of changes.” Parent feedback via e-mail.

“The feedback from the 21 new SENCos who attended (the induction) was overwhelmingly positive and you really helped to ensure that their new beginnings here in Hackney are as informed and supportive as possible.”

Positive feedback on Hackney's Local Offer website 2016 -2017...

"Over the last weeks (we) have been planning programs for our summer schemes. 2 weeks of high needs and 2 weeks of moderate need). We have found the Local Offer website to be incredibly useful, finding new activities in Hackney and reminding us of old friends who we've lost touch with. Thank you very much for a brilliant resource!" Centre CEO

"I’m on Hackney’s Local Offer website all the time. It’s such a great source of information." Children’s Forum coordinator

"I am just writing to thank you very much for delivering a very interesting and useful presentation about the  Hackney Local Offer at the recent evening Childminder Forum. Although I was aware of the website and had had a brief look, your presentation was invaluable in helping me to navigate the site and to find the information I need in order to share this with the registered childminders who I provide support for.
They in turn can make better use of the site as a very helpful resource, and support parents to use the site and the excellent information on it.
Registered childminders are often some of the first professionals to recognise developmental delay or other difficulties/conditions a child/family may be experiencing, if a diagnosis has already been made or not. Childminders I have spoken to who attended the Forum said they were impressed with the range of information available on the site, and that they feel more confident in using the site should they need to." Childminding Network Coordinator, Early Years and Play

“The local offer site is looking really good… - Health Outreach Worker

"Thanks so much for your input this morning. The feedback from SENCos was really positive and I know they found it incredibly useful to hear all about the services and support (in Hackney)" Educational Psychology

"I use the site all the time for quick access to service documents. It’s really useful. I’m always recommending it to SENCos." Educational Psychology

"Just thought I’d let you know, I was on the phone to one of the mums from the coffee morning yesterday and she asked me if I could say thank you to you, mum has been looking for music therapy for her son for a long time and yesterday she went on the local offer website and found a group just down the road from her, so thank you."
"Thanks for coming yesterday, it was very informative." CAMHS Therapists

“Thank you so much for attending the session this morning and for your invaluable input. It was greatly appreciated by us as a service and the parents in attendance.” IAS service

“Historically parents found out information about SEND services and processes ‘by accident’. Now families just have two words to remember - Local Offer. It is the absolute go to place for reliable, straight and honest information that is kept up to date in a rapidly changing landscape. As the service lead it has been invaluable in allowing us to showcase our service, it’s offer and related information.” IAS service

Feedback via Hackney Ark noticeboard comments wall – December 2016

  • “Really useful information for families”
  • “Getting better and better every week”  

"When redeveloping our SEND Local Offer website we looked at those of a number of others local authorities local offers as part of a consultation we did with our parents and practitioners.

It is fair to say that the Hackney SEND Local Offer website was the one that everyone liked best.

  • Functionality of the site is good
  • Filters are also good to narrow down the results for a more specific result
  • Good mixture of information / advice pages and listings of services available

Colleagues here in (our borough) have said that the Hackney local offer is an example of good practice.  Also that parents have said to me that like the style and layout of Hackney’s local offer and the fact that there remains a dedicated officer for the local offer is really helpful."

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