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Personal Budgets for Education

Personal Budgets for education

Hackney Learning Trust will consider requests for personal education budgets on a case by case basis.

In section J of the Education health and Care plans there will be a specified amount that could be a personal budget.

This amount is also specified in section F where it will be linked to the equivilant provision.

You can see the different sections of Hackney's Template EHC Plan here: Hackney’s EHC plan 

Page last updated: 18/07/18

Schools funding and Personal Budgets

If it is the school or setting that provide all the education provision then this is the same as a managed or notional budget. 

If the request is turned down there may be a good reason / reasons and parents and young people will be informed of them.

In order to agree an education personal budget Hackney Learning Trust must have the agreement of the head of the early years setting, school, college or setting where provision will be delivered on the settings premises. 

Mainstream schools receive funding for children with Special Education Needs (SEN) in three ways:

  • 'Base' (or pupil) funding - This helps pay for classrooms and buildings.
  • A 'notional' SEN budget worked out according to a nationally agreed formula. This normally pays for additional teachers or teaching assistants, specialist programmes and specialist services commissioned by the school.
  • Individual or 'top-up' funding allocated through a Statement of SEN or an Education, Health and Care Plan.

It is the Government's view that funding to support Personal Education Budgets:

  • Could definitely come from funding provided from the “high-needs block” - individual or 'top-up' funding.
  • Could possibly come from funding managed by an education provider e.g.‘base’ and ‘notional’ funding, but only where the Head Teacher is in agreement.


In other words, there is no expectation that the school will release funding from its own budget, but there is theopportunity for a school to choose to do this if it is clear that this will be the best way to improve the outcomes for the child or young person as agreed in their EHC Plan.

Find out more: Hackney's SEN Funding for schools

Special Schools funding and Personal Budgets...

Special school costs are normally based on agreed fixed classroom ratios and programmes of intervention, so it would not normally be possible to release any 'top-up' funding for an education personal budget for a child in a special school.

Mainstream schools can consider Personal Education Budgets if it is requested by a parent or young person and it is clear that this will be the best way to improve agreed outcomes for the child or young person.

Hackney Learning Trust have not ruled anything out of Personal Education Budgets and will decide whether suggestions from families and young people are appropriate on a case by case basis.

Funding, Assessment and resource allocation is decided by a funding panel and Hackney are looking at using an education RAS (resource allocation system) following a consultation process

What is the role of the Plan Coordinator?

Plan coordinators play a number of roles regarding personal budgets:                       

Decision-making – helping parents and young people decide whether a direct payment or managed personal budget is right for them.

Challenging the size of a personal budget – a plan coordinator may feel that a person’s personal budget is insufficient to meet the needs or a child or young person in which case they would take the case to a funding panel.

Review – keeping a child or young person’s support needs under review to ensure they are successfully met.

Who do I contact if I want to know more?

If you are eligible for a Personal Education Budget as a result of an Education Health and Care Plan assessment, your Plan Coordinator or Hackney SENDIAGS (SEND Information, Advice and Guidance Service) can talk to you about how the process works.

If you do not know who your plan coordinator is please contact the Education, Health and Care Planning Team who will direct your query to the correct person:

Phone: 020 8820 7000 (option 4)


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