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Adult Personal Budgets - Direct Payments

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What is a direct payment?

Personal Budgets from Adult Social Care, Direct Payments

If you receive community care services from Hackney Council, you can choose to have cash payments to arrange your own help instead of getting services organised by social services. These payments are called Direct Payments.

Direct Payments enable people who receive community or social care services to have more independence, choice and control over when, where and how they receive those services. 

Receiving your personal budget as a direct payment means that you want to manage all or some of the money yourself.

This option gives you the most control over your personal budget and gives you more choice over the support you get.

However, there are responsibilities that come with it.

The information sheet in the download section of this page outlines in more detail the things you need to consider and the steps you’ll need to take to receive your personal budget as a direct payment.

These responsibilities include:

• Entering into a personal budget agreement with the Council

• Opening a separate bank or building society cheque account for the personal budget

• Keeping records of all payments you have received and made

• Your responsibilities of being an employer

• A step-by-step guide to recruiting and employing staff

• Health and safety responsibilities

• Organising and managing your staff’s day-to-day tasks 

Can I have a Direct Payment?

You may be able to get Direct Payments if you are 16 and over and have been assessed as needing a community care service.

You will also need to show you are willing and able to manage a Direct Payment (with help if needed from the Direct Payment Support Service).

You may be eligible for Direct Payments if you are a young person with one of the following:

  • a physical disability
  • a sensory impairment
  • a learning disability
  • HIV/Aids
  • mental ill health (exclusions relate to being held under the Mental Health Act)

I am a carer, can I have a direct payment?

If you are a carer you may also be able to get a Direct Payment or payments to pay for the services your young person is eligible for if this will help you to carry on in your caring role.

This applies to:

  • carers of disabled children including parents or others with personal responsibility assessed as needing a service.
  • young carers who are 16 or 17 years old
  • An adult carer of an adult who has a disability or who is eligible for services.

Who could I employ to help me?

You could employ friends or a close relative who would not normally live in your home. Employing a friend or close relative who lives in your home will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances where the council is satisfied it is necessary to meet your meets.  If you can’t already think of anybody you could advertise and interview people and choose the person you think would be best. 

Remember you can get help from Direct Payment Support Service

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