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School Transport - children and young people with SEND

Some children who have SEND needs may be entitled to free school transport assistance if on completion of a transport application form they meet the travel assistance criteria in one of more of the following categories:

  • they have special educational needs, disability or mobility problems with no school place near their home
  • they cannot walk to school, even though it is within the normal walking distance of two miles (if aged 5 -7) or three miles (if aged 8 or over)
  • they cannot reasonably be expected to walk a particular route  even though the school is within the normal walking distances
  • they have special educational needs and attend a school where there are no arrangements for boarding at or near the school
  • their religion or belief means that the nearest suitable school is outside the distances.

If you / your child or young person fits the above criteria and would like to apply for this service please complete an application form (available from the download section of this page) and send it to the correct service choosing from the two teams who deal with requests for either:

  • new travel assistance applications, or
  • existing travel assistance applications

Contact details for both teams are available from the drop down bars below. 

Page last modified:  27/10/20

SEND Transport - Covid Service Update

The government has recently produced guidance on the transportation of all pupils, including those pupils with SEND who may need transport assistance to and from school.

Hackney's SEND Travel Assistance service and SEND services are working with parents-carers, children and young people and staff in re-visiting pre-Covid transport arrangements and adapting them to meet the current needs of users during Covid 19 restrictions. A letter has recently been sent to parents explaining more about the adapted service. A copy of this letter is available here (this will download as a word document). 

Enquiries about "new" SEND transport applications:

Enquiries about existing SEND transport provision:

Hackney has a dedicated specialist SEND transport service. To find out more about how the service runs and who is eligable for support read their full service entry Hackney SEND Travel Assistance Service

Travel support for some children & young people without EHC Plans?

Income assessed parents

Children may also be able to get free transport where:

  • They are eligible for Free School Meals
  • Have parents in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit,
  • There are not three or more suitable nearer school places, and the school place is 2-6 miles from home.

Secondary school children attending a school on grounds of religion or belief may be able to get free transport where the school is more than two miles and less than 15 miles from home, and there is no suitable alternative school nearer home.

Disabled parents:

Free travel to school for primary school children may be provided if a parent has a disability that prevents them from taking their child to school.

Contact: Hackney Education - Pupil Benefits

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