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Our aim in creating this documents library is to make it easier and quicker for partners working in SEND, including parent-carers, to be able find the latest versions of SEND policy and guidance documents and important templates quickly. 

Documents related to specific services or teams e.g. referral forms  or team policies will remain with the team's service entry in the directory.  

Most documents will open in a separate window to view or download. Some documents are templates to be worked on and will download automatically when the link is clicked. They can then be opened and worked on. 

Corona virus / Covid-19 updates

We are trying to ensure current arrangements and shared on the follwing pages.   

Coronavirus - Contacting SEND specialist teams - April 2020

Coronavirus - SEND information and resources...

Information for schools 

As you will be well aware there is a great deal of government and public health guidance being produced currently and the situation continues to evolve. 

Relevant teams from across Hackney Learning Trust are in regular contact with schools and settings to offer practical support and advice. 

Enhanced Risk Assessments (RA) for vulnerable pupils

Following government guidance and DfE criteria a local draft “Enhanced risk assessment (RA) tool” for identified ‘vulnerable’ children has been made available. This tool should complement and build on existing risk assessments for learners already in use in our schools and settings.

 ‘Enhanced’ level assessments are intended to help manage concerns of heightened risk to health or safeguarding if a vulnerable child or young person were to remain at home, rather than attending provision.

A local tool to record enhanced risk assessments has been made for schools and settings to use if helpful. It will be further developed in the coming days and weeks with partners and stakeholders. 

Hackney - Vulnerable or SEND Student - Enhanced Risk Assessment Tool  (will download to be worked on) 

Changes to EHC assessments

Changes were announced on 30th April to EHC assessments and plans: Changes to the law on education, health and care needs assessments and plans due to coronavirus

An announcement that these changes will be continued for the time being was made on Friday 29th May 2020 and Minister Ford's wrote an open letter to parents-carers and the SEND sector on Schools Opening 30th May.  

These changes are being kept under review. 

Hackney - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating specifically to special educational needs - Covid 19 crisis period

These FAQs provide answers to some recent and commonly asked questions from parents and carers about their child or young person with SEN.

The FAQs will be updated during the crisis period to include additional questions and answers in response to local needs AND when relevant updates to guidance and information provided by central Government departments have been issued.

If you have a SEND - Covid Crisis related question to put forward for the next version of Hackney's FAQs please send it via e-mail to Joanna service manager of SENDIAGS

Page last updated: 01/06/20

Hackney's Special Educational Needs and Disability - strategies and policies

Education, Heath and Care assessment requests, guidance and plan / planning documents

Changes to the law on education, health and care needs assessments and plans due to coronavirus

The Secretary of State for Education has issued a notice to modify section 42 (SEND Education, Health and Care Plans) of the Children and Families Act 2014 from 1 May 2020 to 31 May 2020. The notice modifies the duty on local authorities to secure special educational provision and on health commissioning bodies to arrange health provision in accordance with EHC plans, so that they can discharge this by using their ‘reasonable endeavours’.

The guidance on temporary changes to education, health and care legislation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is available here: Changes to the law on education, health and care needs assessments and plans due to coronavirus

A joint ministerial letter about these temporary changes has been issued (30th April) addressed to all children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), their parents/carers and families, and others who support them. The letter is from Minister Ford, Parliamentary-Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, and Minister Whately, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Care.

Education, Health and Care Plans - Guidance...

Obtaining the views and opinions of children and young people Guidance for Schools and Professionals

Education, Health and Care Plan - guidance criteria

Post 16 Guidance for young people with EHC Plans 2020 

Provision Mapping and Management Guide and materials for schools and professionals (V3) 

EHC Needs Assessment request forms...

Professionals Request form for Statutory Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment 2019

Education, Health and Care needs assessment - young person's request form (this form will download as a word document and can then be completed, saved and returned) 

Education, Health and Care needs assessment - parent/carer request form (this form will download as a word document and can then be completed, saved and returned) 

Post 16 Education Health and Care Plan documents and templates 

Post 16 Guidance for young people with EHC Plans 2020 

Schedule 2 / SEND Post 16 High Needs Funding Request Form 2020-21 - Blank template   (this form will download as a word document and can then be completed, saved and returned) 

Placement and Funding Approval Timetable - HLT Post 16 High Needs Continuing Learners (Pdf)

EHCP templates and examples...

EHC Plan Template 0-13 (Final Version 2017)

EHC Plan Template Preparing for Adulthood (Year 9 and upward)

EHC South Team completed example EHC Plan

Annual Reviews...

EHCP Annual Reviews Guidance 2018

Person Centred Annual Review - Agenda

Parent-Carer report for annual review

Education Setting - Staff report

Child or young person 'all about me' booklet

EHC Plan - Annual Review Form (updated June18)

Preparing for Adulthood Annual Review Form 14-25 (updated June18)

Hackney EHC Plan Coordinators - allocations by school or education setting...

EHC Plan Coordinators - School allocations  2018-19 (temporary arrangements)

Social care and leisure related...

Home to school - SEND Travel assitance


Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia

Pupils with Medical Needs...

Social, emotional and mental health related...

Hackney Local Offer website...

Hackney Local Offer website - Leaflet/Poster

Hackney Local Offer - what's on?  (not a document but a useful place for information on events and drop in sessions) 

Hackney Local Offer - updates (not a document, these updates are sent to the parent/carer forum, SENCos and other professionals working in education health and care services to flag up topical information or updated information) 

Useful national documents...

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