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Our aim in creating this Documents Library is to make it easier and quicker for partners working in SEND, including parent-carers, to be able find the latest versions of SEND policy and guidance documents or templates quickly. 

Documents related to specific services or teams e.g. referral forms or team policies will remain with the team's service entry in the directory.  These can be searched for by the team name or relevant keywords. 

Most documents will open in a separate window to view or download.

Some documents are templates to be worked on and will download automatically when the link is activated and can then be opened, worked on, saved and sent.  

Corona virus / Covid-19 updates

During the evolving pandemic situation we are trying to ensure updates on teams and services are initially shared on the following pages.   

Enhanced Risk Assessments (RA) for vulnerable pupils

Following government guidance and DfE criteria a local draft “Enhanced risk assessment (RA) tool” for identified ‘vulnerable’ children has been made available. This tool should complement and build on existing risk assessments for learners already in use in our schools and settings.

 ‘Enhanced’ level assessments are intended to help manage concerns of heightened risk to health or safeguarding if a vulnerable child or young person were to remain at home, rather than attending provision.

A local tool to record enhanced risk assessments has been made for schools and settings to use if helpful. It will be further developed in the coming days and weeks with partners and stakeholders. 

EHC assessments and provision during the coronavirus pandemic 

During the first half of 2020 the Department of Education issued guidance on temporary legislative changes relating to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Changes to the law on education, health and care needs assessments and plans due to coronavirus were announced on 30th April. 

This was because during the outbreak and the effect of the restrictions it was felt changes were needed to make some of the specified special education and health care provision within EHC plans more flexible. 

This flexibility has now ended, meaning if a child has an EHC plan they should receive the support they need as usual when they return to school at the start of the Autumn term.

Guidance- What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term (updated 21 August 2020). 

Access the following information below...

Page last modified: 08/10/20

Hackney Special Educational Needs and Disability (strategies and policies)

Education, Heath and Care (EHC) assessments - guidance, request forms and planning documents

Education, Health and Care Plans - Guidance...

EHC Needs Assessment request forms...

Post 16 Education Health and Care Plan documents and templates 

EHCP templates and examples...

Annual Reviews...

Hackney EHC Plan Coordinators - Allocation by school or education setting...

Leisure, Early Help and Social Care - Guides and information....

Home to School - SEND Travel Assitance

These are the latest travel assistance related documents:

  • SEND Travel Assistance - guidance (document) 
  • Home to school - Travel Assistance Application (form)
  • Post 16 - Travel Assistance Application  (form)
  • Travel Assistance- change of circumstance (form)

These forms, guidance and templates can be found here in the School transport for children and young people with SEND help and advice article

Autism - local guidance and referral forms...

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and Dyslexia - guidance and policies..

Pupils with medical needs - policies and support

Mental Health and Wellbeing - Guides to services for pupils and young people...

Hackney Local Offer website...

National NHS, Government and strategic partners guidance....

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