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Looking for something to do? 

Want to know what's happening in and around your local area?

Going out and meeting other people is an important part of life for everyone. There are lots of different activities, opportunities and groups for families and young people who live in Hackney.

You can find information below about a range of dates specific activities, opportunities and events with a focus on the offer for children and young people with additional needs and their families.

You can find the Hackney Summer 2022 SEND Newsletter here with updates, activities, consultation and participation opportunities and news.  Subscribe in the top left hand corner to receive these newsletter direct to you email. 

We can only share information with the public that we are made aware of. If you are a relevant service or activity provider and you need to change or add new information please contact us with the information that needs amending

Please contact us if you have SEND relevant opportunities that parents and carers in Hackney can attend

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