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SEND Consultations

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SEND engagement opportunities, pilot projects, participation and consultation opportunities

This is where we share SEND relevant local consultations about changes, developments, and policies that are under review in Hackney and if relevant nationally. 

We will include national SEND consultations where these may affect young people and families living in Hackney. 

New information is added when information is made available to us.

Why take part in these consultations?

  • Taking part makes a difference.
  • Your views will be considered and affect developments and final decisions made about support for those with SEND and the service offer to them.
  • You will understand more about how SEND services in Hackney develop and find out more about opportunities to be more involved.

How to take part?

Comment or respond using the links or feedback contact listed with the opportunity.  

  • Attend events or workshops if these are available.
  • Find more information in the the related documents section of the page.

If you know about relevant consultations readers of this page would be interested in let us know.

We can look at whether they should be added.

Page last modified: 01/07/2022

Additional Resource Provisions for Autism at Nightingale Primary School & Simon Marks Jewish Primary School

From Monday 20 June until Sunday 17 July 2022 Hackney Education will consult on two new ARPs with 12 places each for children with Autism, to be created at Nightingale Primary School and Simon Marks Jewish Primary School by the end of 2023. 

Why are we consulting?

The number of children presenting with a diagnosis of Autism has increased and is projected to continue this upward trend. Our data tells us that we need to create more places.

What are the plans for creating more places for children with Autism?

This consultation seeks views from stakeholders on the creation of Additional Resource Provisions (ARPs) for children with Autism within mainstream schools. ARPs specialise in provisioning focussed and specific education for SEND needs and will often have dedicated class rooms and other facilities within the school as well as qualified SEND professionals. Children typically spend part of their time in the ARP and the remaining time with their mainstream peers in class.

How can I take part in this consultation? 

If you wish to comment on this proposal please use the online forms for each school here.

For more information, please see the consultation document "A proposal to create Additional Resource Provision for Autism at Nightingale Primary School and
Simon Marks Jewish Primary School" (PDF)

If you have specific questions about the SEND provision being proposed which have not been answered in the Questions & Answers, please contact Joe Wilson Hackney's Head of SEND

National SEND review consultation : right support, right place, right time

Consultation Overview

The government has published a Green Paper on the future of the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision (AP) system and is undertaking a public consultation on the green paper’s proposals. Green Papers set out for discussion, proposals which are still at a formative stage. This Green paper will be followed by a White Paper stating the governments policy once they have consulted and heard from the people listed below. 

The Green Paper is the result of the SEND Review, commissioned to improve an inconsistent, process-heavy and increasingly adversarial system that too often leaves parents facing difficulties and delays accessing the right support for their child.

How long will the consultation be live for? 

The plans to reform the system will be open for a 13-week public consultation, giving families frustrated by the existing, complicated and bureaucratic system of support the opportunity to shape how a new system will work in the future - and give them confidence that their local school will meet their children’s needs so they can achieve their full potential.

The government is committed to improving outcomes for children and young people with SEND and those in alternative provision. To achieve this ambition the government want to work with and hear from:

  • children and young people
  • parents and carers
  • those who advocate and work with the SEND sector
  • local and national system leaders

Message from the government on - why your views matter

We encourage you to reflect on the proposals set out in this green paper and respond to our consultation. Together, we can ensure every child and young person with SEND and those in alternative provision can thrive and be well prepared for adult life.

Find out more about the reasons for the SEND and AP green paper

The proposals set out in the SEND and AP green paper have been summarised here.

This information has been created to be shared with parents and carers, children and young people to explain what the SEND review means for them. It will also be useful for those working in:

  • local authorities
  • early years settings, schools, colleges and alternative provision
  • voluntary sector organisations
  • healthcare professionals

Find out more about the government proposals and the consultation in the following documents:

SEND review: right support, right place, right time (web-accessible PDF)

SEND review: right support, right place, right time (Print ready PDF)

SEND review: right support, right place, right time (Large print PDF)

A British Sign Language (BSL) version and an easy-read version of the green paper will be available in early April.

If you would like a Braille or audio version of the green paper or an accessible format that is not listed, email

Have your say...

You can take part in the online consultation here.

This consultation opened 29 Mar 2022.  

The consultation period has been extended by 3 weeks, to 22 July 2022 after the recent release of the easy read version of their SEND  Review: Right Support, Right Place, Right Time resources found here.

Other sources of information for parents and carers...

Contact have collated a helpful overview article explaining the key features of the review with follow on links. 

The National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) have launched their parent carer survey on the SEND and Alternative Provision Green Paper. They would like survey responses from as many parent carers as possible to ensure that their views are heard.
You can complete the NNPCF survey here

Insights and analysis on the National SEND Review from SNJ (Special Needs Jungle) including a Q&A with Will Quince and an in depth look at the different proposed changes and detail of these in the SEND Green Paper. Recommended reading for parents and carers.

Consultation about the early years strategy and proposed changes to children's centres

Overview of the early years strategy and proposed changes to children's centres

Consultation report now available 

Read the consultation and engagement report for more information about the responses received for this consultation. 

Update about proposals

Proposals to close two children’s centres have been paused.

Nearly 900 people responded to a Council consultation about its early years strategy. This included plans to close Hillside Children’s Centre and Fernbank Children’s Centre.

The Council has listened carefully to the concerns raised by parents and carers, and has decided to delay any closures until a wider review of borough-wide provision - including broader public engagement - can take place next year.

This means the centres will not close in September 2022.

Staff and parents who use the centres are being contacted directly to inform them about the pause.

Read the full press release here. 

Next steps

More details will be set out about the next steps in the coming months, including:

  • Developing ‘early years hubs’ in the north and south of the borough for children with complex needs
  • Changing a number of children’s centres into new ‘children and family hubs’ that bring together family support for children of ages 0 to 19 years
  • Joining early years and health visiting teams to provide combined support and guidance for young children and their families

Further information

Contacts for this consultation are Hackney’s Consultations Team.

Phone 020 8656 3000


Page section last modified: 01/03/2022

Proposal on additional places at Ickburgh Special School from September 2021

What is Ickbrugh School? 

Ickburgh School is a special school on Kenworthy Road in Hackney E5. 

It provides education for pupils aged 2-19 with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD). 

Why are we consulting? 

In recent years, the number of children and young people in Hackney with EHCPs (Education, Health & Care Plans) has increased, with a marked upwards trend between 2009 and 2021. This trend seen across other boroughs in London. 

What are we asking you to comment on? 

This proposal seeks to create 14 additional places for pupils and young people with PMLD, ASC and SLD at Ickburgh School from September 2021.

This increase would take the total number of places available at the school to 164. 

How can you have your say? 

Read the 4 page document "Consultation on a proposal to provide 14 additional places at Ickburgh Special School from September 2021"

If you wish to comment on this proposal please use the online form here. (

If you have specific questions about the SEND provision being proposed, please contact Joe Wilson ( 

For general questions and comments about the consultation, please e-mail:

Ickburgh Special School - Consultation starts 19 May - closes 15 June 2021

Hackney's Ordinary Available Offer for pupils with SEND - The Graduated Response

Our collective vision is for every child and young person with SEND in Hackney to be able to live as full a life as possible in their community by:

  • Achieving their full potential and fulfilling their ambitions.
  • Feeling safe and being protected from harm whilst developing independence and being able to take informed risks.
  • Enjoying and making their own contributions to their local communities and society and being recognised as equal citizens.

To support this vision we work in partnership with families and professionals to:

  • Support individual children and young people with SEND and
  • Ensure equitable access to high quality education and social opportunities.

What are we consulting on?

The Draft version of Hackney's Ordinarily Available Provision.

This sets out the description of the provision that should be ordinarily available for pupils in education settings in Hackney. These provisions should be made within the existing structure for funding for:

  • Early education settings
  • Schools, academies and free schools
  • Colleges of further education

The descriptions and examples in this document define ordinarily or normally available educational provision for pupils and students who have SEN.

Setting this out formally provides everyone concerned with a shared understanding and set of expectations about provision that should be made for the majority of children and young people with SEND.

Who has produced this information?

This draft has been developed so far by a number of professionals but is not complete without the contribution of:

  • Children and young people with SEND
  • Parents and carers of children and young people with SEND
  • Practitioners who work with children and young people with SEND

What do you need to do next?

Hackney Education is inviting stakeholders to engage, comment and share their views on the development of the 'ordinary available offer'.

Find the Draft version of Hackney's Ordinarily Available Provision here (Pdf 751KB) opens in a new window.

This consultation begins today 31st March 2021 and closes on 2nd June 2021

Comments and queries should be sent to:

Once we have received views, feedback and comments from a range of stakeholders we will provide an update on the outcome of this consultation.

Update October 2021

This document detailing Hackney's approach to supporting students with SEND is now published in it's final form and available in the documents library of this website in the SEND Strategies and Policies section. It is titled The Graduated Response. 

Hackney Ark Youth Council - Hackney Captains

Hackney Ark - Youth Council known as Hackney Captains  is a group for young people with additional needs set up to give feedback about Hackney Ark health services available at Hackney Ark  . Being a Hackney Captain can really make a difference to how services will work with young people. 

Hackney Captains help us understand how to change things for the better by giving feedback. There are lots of exciting things that we want help with; including some flyer designs, improving the waiting areas and the opportunity to become judges on a funding panel.

There will be  free pizza AND opportunities to make the Hackney Ark better for young people. Taking part in Hackney Ark’s Youth Council is a great way of adding experience to your CV.

Hackney Ark - Youth Council - Hackney Captains  is open to any young person aged 13-19 who is or has been known to any Hackney Ark service.

Young People are welcome to attend alone and will be made very welcome or if they would prefer to attend with a friend/family member both are very welcome.

We can’t provide 1:1 support but the venue is accessible and we will have a Speech and Language Therapist present for young people who may benefit from this support on the day.

Meeting dates and times

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic upcoming dates have been put on hold. 

Please contact the service to find out if they have made alternative arrangements. 

Meeting dates and times for 2020/21 academic year...

  • 2nd November 4-6pm 
  • 15th February 2-4pm 
  • 10th May 4-6pm 
  • 16th August 2-4pm 

Venue: TBC but may not always be the same. 

Contact on the day: 07818017523

SEND CO-Design Working Group Report...

In 2014 The Children and Families Act introduced Education Health and Care Plans to support children and young people with significant needs aged 0-25.

This led to councils across the country being responsible for providing additional support for those aged 0-5 and 18-25, an extension of previous arrangements that covered the statutory school ages of 5-18. This means the Council now supports about 34% more children and young people (around 2,000 currently) through high needs block funding.

The Government has not funded local authorities for this additional increase and has only recently began to address the funding shortfall. In 2018/19 the Government gave Hackney £42.1m in High Needs funding, but the spend was closer to £50m with this overspend expected to increase by about £1.7m each year. To date the Council has found money to meet the demand by making savings elsewhere, using reserves, one-off grants and moving money from other education funds, but this is not sustainable in the long run.

During 2018 – 2019 parents, professionals, campaigners and councillors formed a co-design group looking at specific provision and processes for children and young people with SEND. The group have produced a report with recommendations that they believe will help develop improved special educational needs provision in the borough.

The Group’s 16 members included; parents, teachers, specialists, campaigners and back bench councillors and was led by an independent chair. During 2019 the group met regularly to look at other boroughs approaches and discuss best practice from across the country.  

This sharing of ideas was to explore how Education, Health and Care Plans could be funded sustainably in Hackney while still meeting the needs of children and young people.

A change to the current levels that allows the Council to allocate more specific funding and more easily track how this is used to  support pupils’ development was agreed at the best available option. The Group believes that more evenly spaced, incremental funding levels could be a better approach.

The Group also identified a number of issues relating to ways the Council could better support families, which the Council has committed to embed throughout SEND services.

Reports back on progress related to this work will be given later in the year.

The Council has welcomed the SEND Co-design Group’s report and the key recommendations are being developed into a model for Cabinet to consider.

Cllr Chris Kennedy, Cabinet Member with responsibility for SEND and co-design group attendee summed up saying…

“We all want the very best for children in Hackney with special educational needs, and we need to work together to achieve this.

I’m pleased the Council has been able to work with parents and campaigners to co-design a way forward.  

However, we need to be clear that the Government are the only ones with the power to make real change here.

We will continue to lobby on behalf of our young people, families and schools, and do all we can on a local level to support them.

I’d like to thank the SEND Co-design Group for all of their work on this incredibly detailed and well thought out report.

Officers at the Council have welcomed it, and will work with partners on the recommendations to ensure they are embedded as part of the SEND services.  

I am sure these will help us all to focus on providing better services for children (and young people) and result in more sustainable services, that allow officers to better plan budgets.”

The full report is available to read here: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Co-design working group report

Short Breaks - Hit Squad - consultation ended for 2020

The HIT squad have created a survey in order to get feedback form parents/carers on their experiences of using local attractions and leisure settings to access activities for children and young people with SEND.

The HIT squad are hoping to work more closely with local attractions (e.g. cinemas, museums, theatres etc.) and leisure settings/activities in order to make Hackney a more inclusive borough, but need to gain more information from parents first.

The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. We have had some fantastic feedback already and are hoping to hear many more voices. Feedback from parents and carers is incredibly useful in helping us understand what works well and what needs to be developed. 

Your feedback will be used to promote recommended activities, to develop training packages, to provide staff training and to set up new activities.

Take the survey:  

You can also e-mail HIT squad to tell us which leisure settings you recommend or would like to be more inclusive:

Investing in New SEND Provision - consultation ended

Hackney Council has been allocated £1.9m government capital grants funding to invest in provision for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), specifically those with Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans.

This grant funding is to be used to develop new places or expand existing provision to help meet the increase in pupils with EHC Plans in the borough.

Capital grants funding can be used to build for example:

  • specialised classrooms
  • expand existing classrooms

The Department for Education say this will help "...transform the lives of thousands of children with special educational needs and disabilities, by increasing school capacity and making it easier for them to access good school places."

The government’s details of allocations and the template that needs to be published can be found here:

To receive the capital funding, each Local Authority must develop, consult on, and publish on their Local Offer a Special Provision Plan of projects to develop SEND provision for children and young people with Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans.

We have created an article where we will keep you updated about the progress we are making with Hackney's SEND Provision Plan. 

Find out more: SEND Provision Plan of Intent - information and updates...

The consultations (phases 1 and 2) and feedback from both, form part of a strategic review of SEND provision by Hackney Learning Trust and has informed the development of a provision plan.

The proposals consulted on focused on increasing places for children and young people with:

•         Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and those with

•         Social, Emotional or Mental Health (SEMH) needs, specifically those who demonstrate challenging or risky behaviours

Local authorities are required to publish their Special Provision Plan for spending the allocated SEN capital funding for 2018 - 2019 by 14th March 2018. 

Hackney’s consultation report, how we consulted parents and carers, and others, including schools is available here:

Previous related documents with information relevant to this consultation are available in the download section of this page or via the links below: 


If you have any questions regarding the consultation findings or development of the Special Provision Plan please contact:


Phone: 0208 820 7715

Last updated: 14/03/18

POET (Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool) questionnaires - consultation ended

POET are asking for help from young people, parents and carers and, people working in SEND services to find out how well the extra support that children and young people with special educational needs and or disabilities (SEND) works for them.

Children, young people, families and practitioners from across the country worked with In Control to make these questionnaires for people about the process of getting and maintaining additional support. Some young people may get this support through an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) but others may not.

We are interested in getting views on:

  • the process of having extra support
  • what it has achieved for you or your son or daughter 


What are the different surveys for?

There are three different POET surveys for people living in London Borough of Hackney but you only need to answer the survey that is aimed at you:

  • Hackney London Borough Council - Children and young people who have additional support 2019
  • Hackney London Borough Council - Parents of children and young people who have additional support 2019
  • Hackney London Borough Council - Practitioners working with children and young people who have additional support 2019


Who’s asking and why do they want to know?

The survey is being carried out by a charity called 'In Control'. They want to know how the support available has been introduced and how helpful it is.

Note: If you would like to know more about the work of In Control or see previous Children and Young People’s POET reports you can find out more on their website.


Phone: 01564 821 650


Who will read the answers?

  • Your local authority, school or health service may get information based on the answers you have given to the survey but they will not know who wrote them. 
  • In Control will also read your answers. People who read your answers will not know who wrote them.
  • We may also make the information based on the answers we receive available through a public archive.


What happens to the information/answers you provide?

Locally, the results of this survey will be used to monitor how we are doing and how we can make improvements. The information gathered will also be used to help improve the support available across the country and be used to write reports that will be made public.  


Do I have to answer all the questions?

No.  You do not have to take part in the survey at all or you can choose to answer some or all of the questions.


Do I have to do it now?

This years POET survey / questionnaire is open from Septemeber 2018 - July 2019

Ok! How do I take part?

Choose the survey that best suits your involvement in the process of getting extra SEND support.

Take the survey:


How can I take the survey if I can’t access the information online?

The documents relating to the survey can be downloaded from the download section of this page.

If you are a young person you can ask for help completing the survey from your parents, someone at your school or college, a health professional, your plan coordinator, the Information, Advice and Support service SENDIAGS. Phone: 020 7275 6036

Previous consultations...

Consultation on a proposal to expand The Garden School, and to establish post 16 provision for pupils with Autism and Severe Learning difficulties (SLD)

In recent years, Hackney has seen an increase in the number of pupils and young people with Autism as evidenced by census data and a significant increase in Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) with a primary need of Autism. We have also seen requests for post 16 places grow each year due to the raised age of participation following Special Educational Needs reforms in 2014. This rise in the number of pupils/learners with Autism has created a gap in the number of local specialist post 16 places for pupils with Autism. 

This proposal seeks views from interested parents/carers and stakeholders on a proposal to develop post 16 provision at The Garden School, and to increase the overall number of key stage 4 places, from September 2021.

The consultation will be open for 4 weeks from Wednesday, 7 January to Tuesday, 5 February 2020.

Drop-in sessions (an opportunity to speak individually to officers from Hackney Learning Trust), will be held at The Garden School (Wordsworth Road, N16 8BZ) at the following times:

  • Friday, 7 February at 5:00-6:30pm
  • Thursday, 13 February at 9:15-10:15am
  • Friday, 14 February at 5:00-6:30pm

A drop-in session for staff will be held on Friday, 7 February at 4:00- 5:00pm.

You can view the consultation document and a link to the online response form at:

If you need further information which is not available in the document please contact

Proposal to establish Specialist Resourced Provision for pupils with Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) needs at Gainsborough Primary School in 2020

Over the last 5 years in Hackney the number of children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) has increased significantly (by 36%).

One of the most common categories of need among this group are children and young people with SEMH needs. This proposal is part of Hackney’s development of SEND provision and aims to provide 10 primary phase places (across Years 1 to 6), for pupils with Education Health and Care Plans which identify SEMH as their main need. The proposal aims to establish these places during 2020.

You can find out more and view the consultation document at:

The consultation will be open for 4 weeks

Wednesday 15th January to Tuesday 11th February.

Drop-in sessions (an opportunity to speak individually to officers from Hackney Learning Trust), will be held at Gainsborough Primary School at the following times:

  • Wednesday 22 January at 5:30-7:00pm
  • Friday 24 January at 9:15-10:15am

A drop-in session for staff of Gainsborough Primary School will be held on:

  • 22 January at 4:30- 5:30pm at Gainsborough Primary School.

Parents/carers and staff can arrive at any time within the hours advertised and speak individually to Hackney Learning Trust staff and complete response forms.

  • An additional drop-in session will be held on Wednesday 29 January at 5:30-7:00opm. Venue: Hackney Learning Trust, 1 Reading Lane, Hackney E8 1GQ (Second Floor)

All responses will be considered after the consultation period ends on Tuesday 11 February 2020.

For enquires not addressed by attending the above sessions contact:

Proposal for Autism Resourced Provision at Queensbridge Primary School

What is this proposal about?

The number of children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in Hackney has increased significantly (by 36%).  The most common category of need are those defined as having Autism/Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC).

This proposal aims to provide 10 places (across primary Years 1 to 6), for pupils with EHC Plans with a diagnosis of Autism.

You can let us know your views by completing the response form online by visiting:

The consultation starts on Monday 9 September 2019 and will close on Monday 7 October 2019.

Drop-in sessions (an opportunity to speak individually to officers from Hackney Learning Trust), will be held at Queensbridge School at the following times:

  • Monday 16 September at 5.30-7pm
  • Monday 23 September 9:30-10.30am

A drop-in session for staff will be held on 16 September 4:30- 5:30pm

View the consultation document:  Proposal to establish Autism Resourced Provision for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Conditions/Autism at Queensbridge Primary School

If you have questions regarding this proposal, please email

NAS Hackney Adult Support Group Survey 2019

The National Autistic Society Hackney Branch is planning to run a regular Support Group for Adults on the Autism Spectrum. This survey is designed to gather information and non-personal data from:

  • people who either work and/or live in the London borough of Hackney and who have a diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)
  • think that they might have ASC or
  • are in the process of being assessed for a diagnosis of ASC

If you fit into one of the above, please complete this survey and share widely with friends and contacts.

Complete the NAS Hackney Adult Support Group Survey 2019:

Children’s Centres - parents and carer engagement campaign

Hackney is currently running a major engagement campaign to find out  what parents and carers think about Children’s Centres and the services they provide.   

There are 21 children’s centres across Hackney, offering a wide range of services for expectant parents and families with young children.

The Council wants parents and carers who have used, currently use or may use children’s centres in the future to share their experiences and thoughts about the services on offer, what they value most and any ideas for making them better in the future.

Services on offer in Children’s centres include:

  • early education and child care
  • stay and play activities
  • parenting support
  • child and family health services
  • advice and training
  • ESOL classes (English for speakers of other languages)
  • employment support

By hearing from parents and carers who have used, currently use or may use children’s centres in the future, the Council hopes to find out about the services residents value the most and how they could be improved in the future. Parents and carers will also be asked for their feedback about changes to childcare subsidies approved by Hackney Council Cabinet last month.

The information gathered from this engagement exercise will help shape the future of Hackney’s Children Centres ensuring that services reflect local needs and continue to support children at risk of underachievement.

Have your say on Children’s Centres…

 “We want to make sure we understand what matters most to those who use our children’s centres.” Cllr Chris Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Families, Early Years and Play

Give feedback online until 5th July:

Speak to us at drop-in events at Children’s Centres and fun days across the borough from May – July

Call us: 020 8820 7590

Press release and further information on the engagement campaign:

City and Hackney Autism Survey

The council has launched a survey to collect the views of autistic residents across Hackney and the City of London.

This is the first time autistic people and their families in City and Hackney have been asked their views in this way.

If you are autistic this is your chance to have your say about your experience and any gaps in support.

The survey and related information uses the terms autistic and autism to cover various descriptions of autism, diagnosed or otherwise.

These include; Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger's Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and neuro-divergence.

Who is the survey aimed at?

The questions in this survey are for autistic people and is mainly designed to capture the views of autistic residents of Hackney and the City of London.

Carers, please support your loved one to complete the survey or do so on their behalf if they are unable to.

If you are completing this as a carer for an autistic person please answer the questions with or on behalf of them.

Please complete the survey and share it widely with friends and relatives who live in the area.

How can you take part? 

You can find out more and complete the survey here:


What will happen with information from the survey?

The survey findings will be used to influence the draft City and Hackney’s Autism Strategy which is under development.

The  Autism Strategy will be made available for public consultation in September 2019. 

This survey opened on 5th February 2019 and closes at the end of April 2019.

Note: The end date has been extended from the 2nd April to allow more time for people to respond and the time for drafting the strategy has been extended also. 

If you have any questions about this survey please contact: Claudette Mendez (Senior Commissioning Officer)

Phone: 02083564016


Have your say on blue badge parking in Hackney

Hackney Council is proposing to introduce personalised disabled bays in Hackney, and change the current companion badge parking permissions.

This may affect people who are blue badge holders, commute to work by car and park disabled bays across Hackney or for people who live in the borough.

The aim is to:

  • better protect disabled parking for residents who most need it, and
  • make parking for other blue badge holders simpler to understand.

Take part:

Please complete our online questionnaire or request and return a consultation pack before Monday 5 November 2018.


If you need more information:

  • Email:
  • Call: 020 8356 8877

Ambitious About Autism - We Need An Education

Ambitious About Autism are currently running two surveys on education for young autistic people.

“The information and experiences shared will inform our We Need An Education campaign -highlighting the problems that autistic children and young people face in the education system.”

Thank you!

Participation Manager at Ambitious about Autism

Surveys can be completed anonymously.

Parent/carer survey:

Youth Council survey for this consultation created for young people here:

Help Shape Carer's Services in Hackney

Hackney's adult carers or residents who regularly provide help and assistance to someone over the age of 18 are being asked to share their views on services the Council provides to support them.

We're interested in hearing about your experiences as an unpaid adult carer and finding out about what you think a really good service for adult carers in Hackney would look like. This is your chance to tell us what works well, what you value and what needs to improve.

 If you look after a family member, partner, friend or neighbour who lives in Hackney we would really encourage you to complete this questionnaire.

The person or people you care for may be in need of support or services because of:

  • Their age
  • Substance misuse
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Physical or learning disability or illness
  • Mental illness

To find out more and take part follow the link below:

This consultation closes on the 15th October.

If you need support completing the survey form, do not have internet access or need an alternative format of the survey please call

Daniel on 020 8356 4711.

If you are a carer and have a significant need please contact any of the following teams on:

Adult Social Care: 020 8356 6262

Mental Health: 020 8510 8011

Integrated Learning Disabilities: 020 8356 4777

Hackney Council - Single Equality Scheme

Hackney's adult carers or residents who regularly provide help and assistance to someone over the age of 18 are being asked to share their views on services the Council provides to support them.

We're interested in hearing about your experiences as an unpaid adult carer and finding out about what you think a really good service for adult carers in Hackney would look like. This is your chance to tell us what works well, what you value and what needs to improve.

 If you look after a family member, partner, friend or neighbour who lives in Hackney we would really encourage you to complete this questionnaire.

The person or people you care for may be in need of support or services because of:

  • Their age
  • Substance misuse
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Physical or learning disability or illness
  • Mental illness

To find out more and take part follow the link below:

This consultation closes on the 15th October.

If you need support completing the survey form, do not have internet access or need an alternative format of the survey please call

Daniel on 020 8356 4711.

If you are a carer and have a significant need please contact any of the following teams on:

Adult Social Care: 020 8356 6262

Mental Health: 020 8510 8011

Integrated Learning Disabilities: 020 8356 4777

The Advocacy Project Hackney - Help to shape Hackney’s new commissioning strategy...

The Advocacy Project - Hackney are running a Service user consultation about:

• Housing Related Support

• Floating Support

• Housing with care services

The 6 week consultation will be open on 21st May and close on 1st July.

The people that London Borough of Hackney would like to hear from include:

• Hackney residents who use housing related support, floating support and Housing with Care services, and their family, partners and friends

• Ex-service users or those who are considering accessing services in Hackney

• Professionals and members of the public with an interest in these services and issues in Hackney

The London Borough of Hackney would like to hear from specific client groups including:

  • Residents with enduring mental illness
  • Residents with autism
  • Residents with Learning Disabilities
  • Residents who hoard
  • Older Adults with care needs
  • Diverse groups [Black and Minority Ethnic

Find out more: The Advocacy Project - Hackney - Supported Housing consultation leaflet  

For any queries about the consultation conatct The Advocacy Project - Hackney.


Phone: 02039607910

Changing Faces - Face Equality

Changing Faces are a national charity committed to Face Equality – improving awareness and understanding of facial differences.

Changing Faces have received funding to develop some new curricular materials to support school staff with knowledge and practical approaches to enhance their work with children with facial disfigurements and to promote an inclusive school environment for all.

A local SENCO is working with Changing Faces as an advisory teacher and is asking other teachers to help them develop effective classroom resources for their Face Equality in Schools project. 

Please complete this 5 minute survey by 20th July to help Changing Faces understand what makes a good education resource. 


Find out more:

The Short Breaks hit squad are a team of health professionals who work with leisure and activities providers and children to make sure that all children can access and enjoy their chosen Short Break activity.

Short Breaks Hit Squad would like to hear from parents in Hackney to find out more about their experiences of using current leisure services and activities and about any services that families would like to be able to access. 

Please take the time to complete their online survey...

Find out more:

Calling young people aged 13 – 19 who have used services at Hackney Ark

Hackney Ark is looking for a team of dedicated Young Captains to meet throughout the year to help them improve Hackney Ark for teenagers.

Event: Thursday 26th July

Time: 11: 45 – 2:00pm

Come to Dalston Curve Garden to find out more.

We’ll provide pizza and more information.

Committed Young captains will get the chance to win Amazon or iTunes vouchers.


Phone: 02070147025

Flyer: Hackney Ark – Young Captains

Elective Home Education - national call for evidence...

There has been a significant rise in parents with young people with SEND choosing to electively home educate because of unsatisfactory experiences in school. 

Between January 2016 and October 2017 the number of home-schooled children increased by 21 per cent to around 45,000 according to ADCS research, although the government believes the true figure could be even higher.

In order to explore this further there is a call for evidence. 

Find out more: Elective Home Education - national call for evidence

SEND Community Event and SEND Co-working Group

Hackney Council will be holding a community event aimed at finding out about residents’ experiences of SEND provision and their ideas for what services might look like in the future in the face of ongoing Government funding freezes for these vital services. The event is aimed at parents, teachers, SENCOs, support staff and local groups.

Those taking part will be asked to discuss key issues in small groups in a ‘roundtable’ setting. This feedback will help to shape Council policies around SEND and will also inform the work of a new SEND Co-design working group.

The event will be chaired by Anne Canning, Group director for Children, Adults and Community Health, and Cllr Kennedy.

It will be held in a central Hackney location on:

Date: Tuesday 26th June

Time: 6.30 – 8:00pm.

Places for this event are limited so those wishing to take part are being asked to sign up to the event at and search for co-design.

You can also sign up by calling: 0208 356 1739.

Once you have signed up to the event, your place will be confirmed and details of the venue and other relevant information will be sent out.

Co-design working group

In addition to this event we will also be setting up a co-design group that will look at key issues around the current funding for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). The Co-design group will meet regularly over the coming months to:

  • discuss ways forward
  • hear evidence from a range of key stakeholders and
  • formulate proposals.

These will be presented to Hackney Council who will take the agreed proposals out to further public consultation at the end of the year.

The group will be headed by an independent chair and will consist of:

  • Hackney Learning Trust staff
  • Teachers
  • SENCOs
  • local groups and
  • parents

The chair will choose applicants to sit on the group to ensure there is a range of voices and experiences around the table. If you would like more information or would like to get involved with the Co-design working group you can find out more…

Web : (and search for co-design)

Or contact...

Dan Beagle - Senior Consultation Officer


Phone: 0208 356 1739

Extending Rights to Personalised Budgets

Within the NHS, there is an ever-growing shift towards personalisation of health and care.

Personal health budgets are the current mechanism to deliver this. Currently however, only certain groups have a right to personal health budgets. This consultation therefore exlplores extending this right to other groups who we believe could benefit from a more personalised approach to their health and care.

This consultation is seeking views on extending specific groups rights to an integrated personal budget, and also explores the potential to incorporate additional funding streams into that budget. 

  • This consultation opened 6 Apr 2018
  • This consultation closes 8 Jun 2018

To find out more use the contact details below. 

Web: Extending Rights to Personalised Budgets - Online overview and survey

Phone: 02072106350


SEND Funding Arrangements - consultation has now closed

This consultation was about proposals to change the current Resource Level arrangements for pupils with SEND to make sure that funding for special educational needs or SEND is sustainable and that children and young people with the greatest needs continue to be supported.

These proposals to change the way high needs ‘top-up’ funding is distributed were intended to give schools the option to access funding more quickly to help support pupils who perhaps do not need an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Documents associated with the original consultation are still available in the download section of this page.

SEND Funding Arrangements Consultation Feedback (21st February 2018) 

Hackney Council has published the findings of the consultation which ran from 31st October until 21st December.

A copy of the report can be found on Hackney Citizen Space SEND Funding Arrangements page.

A draft Equality Impact Assessment is available to provide further information on the reasons for the consultation. 

SEND Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) Final 

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor's response to the report is also available on the same page.

Find out more:

The consultation report is also available here:

Who to contact for further information...

If you have any further questions about this particular survey, please


...with SEND Funding Arrangements Consultation in the subject heading of the e-mail. 

Senior Consultation Officer

Communications & Consultation 

London Borough of Hackney

Hackney Town Hall

Mare Street

London E8 1EA

Phone: 020 8356 1739

The newley formed Disabled Children’s Partnership...

Disabled Children’s Partnership want help raise awareness for disabled children. 

In England today, there is an unacceptable contrast between the quality of life and opportunities available to disabled children and those without disabilities.

  • 69% of families with disabled children say they receive no support in caring for their child
  • 43% of the general public say they don’t know anyone who is disabled
  • 97% of parents with disabled children say that people do not understand the challenges they face every day

That’s why the Council for Disabled Children are a part of the Disabled Children’s Partnership, a growing coalition of more than 35 organisations that have joined forces to fight for better health and social care for disabled children, young people and their families in England.

They are launching the Secret Life of Us campaign, which will bring to life the realities of the challenges disabled children, young people and their families face in living a life many of us take for granted.

The campaign intends to:

  • Open the eyes of the public and improve understanding of the issues faced by families on a day-to-day basis
  • Remove the barriers to people being able to relate to the lives of disabled children
  • Create greater understanding, affinity and empathy for them and their families

Doing this will give them the support to make the changes that will make a real difference to disabled children, young people and their families across England. The campaign will reveal the part of their lives that the public do not see - The Secret Life of Us.

They want people to - SIGN UP TO CAMPAIGN WITH US 

You can follow it on:

Twitter: @DCPcampaign  


Consultation: Co-production Charter for Hackney and City 

This consultation closed on 29th September 2017

Local residents and patients were invited to give feedback on the first-ever Co-production Charter for Health and Social Care in Hackney and City.

Co-production is defined as designing, reshaping or delivering services in equal partnership with the people who use them in order to create better services and outcomes.

The charter set out the rights people can expect from health and social care organisations in Hackney and the City of London for the co-production of health and social care services.

It also sets out the responsibilities of people engaged in co-production and expected ways of working when co-producing services.

Find out more: Hackney's Co-production Charter

Hackney Council asked local carers and people with disabilities to help choose a new equipment provider.

This consultation has ended. 

The Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) is responsible for delivering community equipment like handrails on stair asked to work with residents to choose who the new provider would be.

To aid participation the produced an Easy Read Guide for this consultation

To find out more please contact.

Rosita Tehrani: 0208 356 5397


The Department for Education primary assessment system in England consultation:

The Department for Education launched a public consultation exercise about the future of the primary assessment system in England. This consultation ended on 22nd June 2017.

The consultation proposals were aimed at ensuring that a stable, trusted assessment system that supports all children to fulfil their potential, whatever their background could be established.

Wide-ranging proposals for improving the primary assessment system included consideration of the best starting point from which to measure pupils’ progress, how to ensure the assessment system is proportionate, and how to improve statutory end of key stage teacher assessments.

parallel consultation, also ran asking for views on the recommendations of the independent Rochford Review.

Recommendations focus on the future of statutory assessment arrangements for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests at the end of key stages 1 and 2.

If you have any questions please contact the assessment policy team at  or

Hackney's Short Breaks consultation

Hackney's Short Breaks has been consulting on aspects of their service. They have run different consultation events to hear directly from parents. 

As part of this consultation Hackney's Short Breaks service sought to capture the views of parent / carers that have a child known to the service.

Short Breaks parent/carer survey:

This consultation is now closed.

Hackney Learning Trust and it's partners within Social Care – both Children’s & Adults and Health Post 16 Provision and Preparing for Adulthood consultation.

This consultation closed after an extension on the 7th April 2017

As part of the 2014 Special Educational Needs Reforms, the Hackney Learning Trust and our partners within Social Care – both Children’s & Adults and Health, have prioritised the area of Post 16 Provision and Preparing for Adulthood.  

In particular, the areas of Educational Provision, Employment, Independent Living, Being an Active Member of the Local and National Community and having good Health have been identified as areas in need of development.

The aim of the strategy was to outline different ways Hackney Learning Trust would approach the areas to ensure that the provision provided is as effective as possible.

For more information contact: 

School Exclusions statutory guidance consultation

Alternative Provision and Exclusions Attendance and Behaviour Unit

Disadvantage Division

This consultation closed on 25th April 2017

"We are writing to draw your attention to our launching a

The consultation was on revisions to the 2012 statutory guidance on the exclusion of pupils, to make the rules that apply to exclusions and the process of review clearer.

The proposed amendments do not change the rights of, or requirements on, schools, children or parents over exclusion.


Twitter:                 @educationgovuk


National survey and consultation on housing for disabled people

This consultation closed on Tuesday 18 April 2017

It was to hear from disabled people and relevant organisations in England, Scotland and Wales to understand whether the availability of accessible and adaptable housing, and the support services around it, fulfils disabled people’s rights to live independently.

Find out more:

Second stage of government consultation on the schools and high needs national funding formulae

This consultation closed on the 22nd March 2017

The Government has launched the second stage of consultation on the schools and high needs national funding formulae 

The consultations set out detailed proposals for schools and high needs funding, and the approach to implementing and transitioning to the new system. 

The executive summary document available on the consultation websites also gives an accessible version.  

Disabled Children’s Needs Assessment for the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London

Disabled Children’s Needs Assessment for the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London was carried out by Public Health.

Relevant stakeholders were consulted throughout. 

Find out more: 

Disabled Children’s Needs Assessment for the London Borough of Hackney and the City of London

The Lenehan Review was seeking evidence to inform a review about the experiences and outcomes of children and young people in residential special schools and colleges. 

This consultation closed on 17 March 2017


Dame Christine Lenehan sort evidence to inform her review into the experiences and outcomes of children and young people in residential special schools and colleges. 

Find out more: Lenerhan Review

Hackney: schools for everyone consultation:

The council wanted to hear from local people about Hackney’s education offer, especially the type of schools you’d like to see, and your views about what the Council’s role should be in bringing this about.

This consultation closed on 28 th February 2017

POET SEND reforms Education, health and care needs assesment and transfer experience:

The POET survey and evaluation of what the experience of getting an Education health and Care Plan has been like has now finished. You can see the report on the following page...

How Hackney consults with parents and carers of children with SEND and young people with SEND.

Hackney's draft eligibility criteria for Education, Health and Care Plans:

This consultation resulted in amendments to Hackney Learning Trust's guidance based on what parents and those working to support parents told them. 

New EHCP Assessment Guidance

Tribunal Pilot Facilitator

Mott MacDonald pilot facilitator tested the extension of the SEND Tribunal’s powers to hear the health and care elements of appeals and make non-binding recommendations. 

See below for government response and further actions. 

The government report sets out the key findings of the review and describes the steps the government intends to take to respond to the issues raised. The response to the findings from the government (page 25) states that a wider trial will be conducted.

We plan to introduce a two-year national trial, in early 2018, of the expansion of the First-tier Tribunal SEND powers to make non-binding recommendations on the health and social care elements of EHC plans.”

See full report here: Disagreement resolution arrangements and the government response

Hackney's Young People Survey - 19th January 2017

This survey was open to all young people aged 6 - 19 who live/work or study in Hackney. Conducted by Young Hackney and Hackney Youth Parliament.

Feedback helps Young Hackney and the Youth Parliament improve services for young people in the borough.

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