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Personal Transport Budgets

A Personal Transport Budget may be provided by the Local Authority as an option to parents / carers of children and young people with SEND who meet the government's set criteria for the provision of Home to School transport.  

This is part of the intention to provide better choice and control for parents and young people over how they receive the services that help meet identified needs. 

Having a personal transport budget means that instead of the Local Authority organising transport to and from school for a child or young person e.g. a taxi, parents / carers and young people themselves if over 16 are provided with an agreed sum to enable them to make transport arrangements which suit their day to day lives to give them more control and choice about the support they need.  

Personal Transport Budgets are only provided at the discretion of the Local Authority, and only in cases where there is not an existing mode of transport going to the school for more than one child or young person, unless there are exceptional circumstances under which the child or young person is unable to travel with any other children or young people.

Post 16 Procedures:

Post 16 transport procedures are being developed and reviewed.

They will be very much in line with most other Local Authorities in that, if you are in full time education and meeting the government set qualifying criteria, a form of transport or a personal transport budget will be provided.

For further information on transport for those with SEND contact... 

Enquires about new applications:

Special Educational Needs Administration Team


Education, Health and Care Planning Team

School Admissions and Pupil Benefits

Enquires regarding existing provision:

Hackney SEND Travel Assistance Service (previously Transport Solutions)

Last updated 27/01/17

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