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Super Powers - Young people's creative showcase - Autism Awareness Week 2021

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What is the Super Powers project? 

SuperPowers Autism Awareness2021 flyer

Lydia, Hackney Education’s Specialist Teacher for autism, started an online forum for young people with autism during lockdown.

For 2021’s Autism Awareness Week the forum and pupils in Hackney schools were invited to take part in a project called ‘Super Powers’.

Young people have been invited and encouraged to submit projects that express what being autistic means to them.

The project focuses on showcasing particular strengths or what we are calling for this project  'Super Powers'.

Children and young people across Hackney who are also autistic took part or submitted work as part of this project.

Their work will be showcased at an online event and available afterwards to raise awareness of autism and the need for it to be celebrated and better understood in wider society.

What were the young people asked to do for this project? 

To help inspire young people wanting to take part, examples from those in the global autism community were shared.

Any young people inspired by these ideas and suggestions can of course share anything they have made  even after this project with their family, friends, teachers and us - we are always interested.

How were young people invited to take part? 

An open invitation was sent to those with an autism diagnosis through local schools, services and through parents and carers. We also shared information about this opportunity through our Local Offer. 

Who shared creative work for the Super Powers project? 

The ‘Super Powers’ project for Autism Awareness week 2021 is aimed at children with an understanding of what their diagnosis means. The newish Autism Online Young People’s Forum members have submitted work but any young people who are autistic were encouraged to take part. Younger children were also welcomed to get involved with support from their parents or carer. 

How can we see the work young people have submitted? 

The online event will be held during Autism Awareness Week, submissions will be published online and shared with partners across Hackney to help promote better understanding of the lived experience of autism in the wider community.

Keep searching below to see the inspiring, moving, insightful and creative submissions from young people in Hackney who want more people to know what autism feels like and means to them.

Now over to the young people who have written poems, made films and artwork for this project. 

Happy Autism Awareness Week! 

Poem - There is light at the end of the tunnel

Young Peron in front of light at the end of the tunnelWhen someone asked me how was your day

I used to mask and say it was ok

But deep down I use to cry 

and question myself why 


It started when I was in secondary school 

Where children use to think its cool 

To make fun of others and call them a fool 


Words are just words 

But it hurt inside 

It used to play on my mind

Didn't have anyone to trust and confide


All I wanted to do was fit in 

I even put on a smile and grin 

I tried so hard to be in a crew 

But nobody would ever let me come through 


Birds of a feather flock together 

But I could never relate 

Back then I never had at least one good mate


Fighting my own demons alone 

Not a friend in sight that I could phone 

It was like holding unto a rescue rope

But I couldn’t even cope anymore


Fighting the invisible war 

Hearing voices, I tried my best to ignore

this was all because of my experience before

When school finished that opened a door


Life got better at the end 

I end up making two good friend 

That don’t just ask to borrow and lend 

There was no longer any need to pretend 

To try and fit in and blend 


Walking to college in the sunlight 

Not to see a bully in sight 

Instead of flight I chose to fight 

And I strived with all my might


Life is light at the end of the tunnel 

There’s going to be obstacles and you may struggle 

Eventually you will get through 

There will be a bigger picture that you can view 


So Hold your head high 

And you will transform, from a caterpillar to a butterfly


Poem by unknown A


KA - Autism and me...


What is autism? 

  • Autism is a condition which affects people’s understanding of the world and communication with others. 
  • 7 in 100 people have Autism
  • People with Autism are usually good at focusing on detail 

My Strengths:

  • I am good at puzzles
  • I have intelligence related to numbers
  • I am good at maths
  • I am friendly and creative
  • I am very neat

Things I find difficult: 

  • Making friends 
  • I really like to know what’s going to happen and when
  • I find it hard to understand what people mean

What’s important to me? 

  • Time on my own to chill out
  • Having regular breaks 

Autism is my Super Power because…

  • I can focus for a really long time on things I like
  • It makes me have original ideas 

Some famous people with Autism: 

  • Artist Stephen Witshire 
  • Scientist Albert Einstein

Woody - My poem

WPpoem-illustration self portrait

I love to draw, I’m good at it, 

And memorising favourite lyrics - 

Of any song I only hear once. 

And then i’ll sing it for months and months. 

And I draw and draw, or make some models, 

And make a film or animation, 

I have a very good imagination. 

My superpower is my art, and people say I’m very smart. 

When I was young I learned to fly 

I still do this, I don’t know why. 

I do know that it makes me happy - i’m always happy when i’m flapping. 

I can disappear from any trouble, inside a world that is my bubble. 

A world I made and dream and draw 

It opens up a secret door, of images inside my head 

I replay when I lie in bed. 

I am Woody

Lenny - Autism in a nutshell...

King Theseus fighting a Giant Lizard from Lenny's illustrated presentation for Autism Awareness Week 


Given - Autism and me...

Given - Autism and me illustrated presentation 

Autism GM’s presentation

My original characters - small with lots of detail...

“I like to draw original characters - small with lots of detail. Mistakes are okay because mistakes give me more ideas for what to draw next!”

De Beauvoir School - Year 6 Pupil

my original characters - small with lots of detail

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