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Summer events and support - information for parents and carers

We’re aware that the summer holidays are coming up. We hope you and your

child/children have an excellent few weeks.


We are aware that this can also be a time when some parents and carers may be

worried about their children’s safety if unsupervised. We know that some young

people can feel unsure about how best to keep safe and what to do if they find

themselves in a situation they are uncomfortable with.


It is important to us that all children and parents feel safe, that they can enjoy the

summer break and know who to turn to if they have any concerns.


We have compiled some useful information and contacts which parents/carers can

turn to if they have child-related concerns, and need support, information or advice,

as well as some helpful resources for young people.


We’ve also included information on the many free borough-wide activities taking

place for young people this summer in Hackney, which are included in our Summer

Guide, which was distributed via Hackney Today, and can be found in local libraries

as well as online.

Find out more: Summer events and support - information for parents and carers

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