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SEN information reports are a recent statutory duty on all schools. This duty was brought in as part of the 2014 SEND reforms. Sometimes these might be called the schools offer or schools local offer because this was the language first used for this duty in 2014. They are written statements from schools that explain:

  • How the school's SEN Policy is used.
  • How help and support for pupils with SEND functions in their particular setting.
  • Their particular arrangements for providing extra support to pupils.
  • Who will be supporting children who need extra help and how.

You can find what should be included in each School's SEN Information report here. 

The School SEN Information Report should be written for parents and carers.

It should not use jargon or acronyms that haven't been explained.

It should be a clear and meaningful and reflect the experience a child or young person who needs access to support would have or be having in the school.

Why is it a good idea to read the School SEN Information Reports?

It is sometimes hard to know how your child or young person will be supported if they need extra help.

School SEN Information Reports help you understand and compare support used in different settings.

You should still visit schools when open days are on but having done some research will help you know what else to ask.

Or your child may already be at the school and you might need to speak with the class teacher, SENCo or headteacher, so knowing what support is on offer at the school can help if you need to ask for support or help for your child. 

Where can I find the School SEN Information Reports?

All the following SEN information should be available on each school or settings website:

  • SEN Policy
  • Accessibility Policy
  • SEN Information Report

We cannot tell you exactly where to find each report because each schools website is organised slightly differently. Often there is a policies section where you can find a link. Many school websites now have an SEN or SEND page which will link to the SEN Information Report.

You can also ask a schools office to give you a printed copy of their SEN information report.

In the information that follows, we have linked to the SEN information for each Hackney secondary school. This is sometimes the area of the schools website where the SEN Information Report will be updated rather than the document because we want to direct you to the most recent information but we (schools and the Local Offer website coordinator) update information at different times in the year.

We have provided information about what to do if it was not possible to link to a specific page on the schools own website.

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The Bridge Academy

Cardinal Pole Catholic School

The City Academy

City Academy Shoreditch Park

Clapton Girls Academy

Haggerston School

Lubavitch Senior Girls School

Mossbourne Community Academy

Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy

Our Lady's Convent High School

The Petchey Academy

Skinners Academy

Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form

The Urswick School

Waterside Academy (previously called Hackney new School)

Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School

Out of borough schools

You can find information about schools outside of Hackney on each local authorities own Local Offer website.


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