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Interviews with young people - life, higher education and increased independence

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Abdullahi's interview...


Abdullahi is studying for a BA Degree in Social Anthropology at SOAS University in Central London. The course is funded by a scholarship covering his course fees and accommodation. The scholarship was made as a conditional offer dependant on Abdullahi’s BTEC results which meant he was under a lot of pressure towards the end of his course to get good grades to qualify for the bursary.

 “I was so nervous about going into a new environment but there is so much support if you get lost or anything. It was hard getting my SOAS ID sorted out but the university helped me. I have a note taker for lectures and studies which also helps me. I still get nervous in tutorials but the other students and staff are so supportive.”

“I’m friends with everyone at Uni. My note taker always says ‘Wow! You already said hello to 10 people and that was just on the way to the lift!’ Everyone is just so nice, helpful and accommodating.”

Read Abdullahi's full interview here...

Camille's interview...


“My name is Camille. I was born, raised and educated in Hackney. I have been selected to talk about the struggles and achievements that I went through during my education with my learning difficulties. I had a Statement of SEN (now known as an education, health and care plan) from aged 5 and today my diagnosis is dyspraxia.”

“The teachers (at my primary school) were so lovely and the support I was given was excellent. I can still remember all the names of the teachers and teaching assistants.”

“Because I had so many different teaching assistants during my time at (secondary) School, I decided to become one myself … as I feel that I am able to understand the needs of children who are experiencing difficulties”.

Camille is currently working as a Teaching Assistant in Hackney. The school’s SENCo is very pleased to have such a dedicated member of staff.

Read Camille's full interview here...

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