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Difficulties with using the internet

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Why are we sharing information digitally? 

Information about services and support in Hackney for children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs and or disabilities (SEND) is shared digitally on a website because:

  • Systems nationally and locally are changing. This often means how they work changes. Digitally information allows services to make updates in a way that would not be possible if it was printed in a guide or book. You can still have information printed from the site if this is helpful.
  • Information needs for different people aged 0-25 who have SEND is substantial. The website offers a service directory where you can find out about individual services. The website offers help and advice articles that describe processes that different service are involved in.
  • Not ALL the information is relevant to everyone ALL the time. Families, children and young people may interact with a range of services and support during different ages and stages of childhood and adulthood. Making the information about this available on a website means the information is there when it is needed.
  • Different helpful formats can be shared online. Some entries have videos explaining what a service does or how a process works. Some entries link to useful resources that can be printed.
  • You can use Google Translate to view the information in different languages.
  • Approximately 24, 000 pages per month are viewed on this website. Professionals working with families say the website makes it easier and quicker to find and share information.

Page last modified 16/12/21

Access to free public computers with internet access...

The shortlist function allows you or someone on your behalf to save relevant information. If you do not have access to a computer ask someone who does to print the information you need. This can be done from any computer with a printer.

There are computers available in Hackney for the public use. These can be found in: 

  • Hackney Libraries
  • Hackney Schools SENCos can help you access information from this website
  • Children’s Centres
  • Resource Centre Coordinator at Hackney Ark
  • Community and voluntary services may be able help. 

Find a map of publically avaiable computers in Hackney here.

I can go online but I find it hard to find the information I am looking for...

There is a "Contact Us" option at the top of every page of the website.

This takes you to a very short form. Use the form to tell what you are looking for, or give us a few details about your situation if you are not sure. 

Add your email address or phone number and we will get back to you.

What if I don't use the internet?

We understand that some people who need this information may not be able to access it using the internet for a variety of reasons. The information is in addtion to the ways services have always communicated.

Providing information digitally is the most effective way for us to make it available and keep it up to date. This has been especially true during the pandemic. It does not mean that you cannot access helpful information if you do not have a computer or access to the internet.

Once you contact a service it is highly likely that a member of staff will contact you to discuss your situation and your child's needs. Do let them know that you are not able to use the internet. Tell them the best way to give you information. 

Many services offer drop in sessions or offer phone advice lines where you can speak with professionals about your situation.

We regularly send information to schools, health settings and the parent-carer forum. We ask them to share and display information so staff and parents and carers can see it.

You can ask service providers working with you, your family or child or young person to help you find or print information.

I would like to improve my digital skills...

Because of the range of information on the website we would strongly encourage using the internet wherever possible.

If you are not confident with technology or do not have a computer but are willing to learn it is the best way to access the information.

Using the internet is a good skill to have.

Find helpful instruction videos on Hackney Council's website.

Can I contact Hackney's Local Offer in writing?

Yes but this is not the fastest way to communicate with services. Especially during COVID restrictions.

You can leave letters or messages for the attention of Hackney's Local Offer Coordinator at the reception desk at; Hackney Education, 1 Reading Lane, Hackney, E8 1GQ. 

Can I get Local Offer information printed out?

Some places may charge a small fee for printing. Other will be happy to print the information you need for free.

  • People working with you who will want to provide information in the way that works best for you.
  • Your child or young person’s school staff or school SENCo
  • Hackney Ark Resource Centre
  • You can print information at Libraries but there may be a small charge for this.

Who can help me?

Professionals or support workers who are working with you or your child or young person can help including:

  • Family practitioners in Children's Centres
  • School staff
  • Family Liaison/Family Support workers e.g. at specialist schools or Children's Centres
  • Keyworkers
  • Social workers
  • EHC Plan coordinators
  • Health care professionals including your GP
  • Social Prescribers
  • Community connecters
  • Other parents/carers who understand your situation

How can I contact services that can help me find information?

Depending on what information you need you can contact people by phone.

  • Hackney Family Information Service advice line 020 8820 7590
  • Staff at Hackney Ark including the Resource Centre Coordinator phone 0207 014 7006
  • Hackney's specialist Information, Advice and Support Service SENDIAGS advice line 020 7275 6036
  • Hackney Education SEND Business Support 0208 820 7000 / option 4
  • Hackney Short Breaks service 020 8356 6796
  • Disabled Children's Service 020 8356 6789 or 020 8356 4865
  • Hackney Careers Service Prospects 020 8356 2664 (Office) 07769 648 664 ( SEND advisor)
  • Hackney Information and Access Team 020 8356 6262
  • Contact the national charity for families of disabled children and young people. Freephone advice line 0808 808 3555
  • HiP Hackney Independent Parent Carer Forum 0798 5739 851
  • Halkevi - Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre 020 7249 6980
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