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You said, We did

Your views as children and young people with SEND, and as carers are important.  We want this website to be relevant to you.  A group of carers, young people and staff worked together to design this website, and to interview for staff for Hackney's Local Offer. If you would like to join us to continue to develop the Local Offer then do contact us.

We want to make sure that your views are heard about the Hackney services you use.  You can register on this site, and give feedback about what you think of the services.  We gather your feedback from this site, and from going out to meet groups of children, young people and adults.  Then we will pass it to the relevant service managers.  We will publish their responses to your comments here at least twice a year. 

See what we have done in response to feedback from you below.

You asked for: A colourful, fun Local Offer website that isn’t corporate

We did: We redesigned the Local Offer website with young people and parent input to be more engaging

You asked for: Maps and transport links on the Local Offer website

We did: We put them on every service entry. Since we did this the service that provided the maps to ours and many other boroughs Local Offers has changed their agreement. The company who host our website are looking into alternatives. 

We have re-designed out pages slightly until this is resolved. 

You said: "We want our local offer to make it easy to find things"

We did: We have useful and easy to use functions like the shortlist function where you can save just contact details or more comprehensive information on the services you searched for.

We have written articles that link to service entries and follow on information to help you navigate around the site e.g. What is autism? This article links to all the local services that support familes before and after diagnosis. 

Service entries on our Local Offer are increasingly becoming the best source of information for parents, young people and other professionals.

We are contributing to electronic guides that are being developed. Accessing information like this will help families navigate around our Local Offer more easily.  

You said: "We need more information on the Education Health and Care Plan process"

We did:  We have broken this information down into steps and linked the pages to each other. We have included the documents and guides to this process in the articles on EHC plans. 

You said: "We need more information on what to do if a child with SEN(D) is excluded from school"

We did: We have linked together existing information so that more services come up when you use the word "exclusion" in a search. We have added local and national services that can help support parents and young people and promoted these at an event with the parents forum HiP. We printed hard copies of this information for parents attending this event. We added more information after the event based on what we heard. 

You said: "We need to be able to translate the information into our language so it's easier for us to understand and use"

We did: We looked at options for the best translation tool. This has now been added to the website functions. Please let us know how it is working for you.

We have carried out further investigations into this. This function works for some information and languages but not others. We have investigated alternatives and will be closely watching what our peers are doing.  

We provide information from the Local Offer at face to face sessions.

You can find out more in out 2015 - 2016 annual report.

You said: "What about families who do not use the internet?"

We did: We would encourage all families to get support with this if the only barrier is being unfamiliar with the technology. We have run one to one support sessions at The Ark's resource centre and have demonstrated how useful and easy it is to source information using the Local Offer to the centre's staff so that they are able to assist families with this. We supported parents to search for services they were interested in, showed them how to make a shortlist with the shortlist function and printed hard copies of their searches for them.

We enjoyed this session and are going to run regular sessions for parents and young people where we search the local offer with or for them. Dates will be on our "Difficulty using the internet" page and promoted in print and at events. 

We intend to attend events on SEND with Local Offer information relevant to the topic of the event printed in hard copy as a resource for parents and young people attending. 


How we intend to continue this process:

In order to help families we will attend SEND events with relevant information printed out in hard copies where appropriate so that those families that do not have access to the internet still get this information. We hope that eventually sharing information in this way will become common practice for those running SEND events.  

We have met with representatives of the Turkish and Orthodox Jewish communities to see how we can make sure that information is available to parents and young people that they are in contact with.

We will continue to run sessions where we show key representatives and agencies from these communities how to do the above and continue to develop other useful strategies to support this. This is work that will continue until it is clearly resolved. 

Last updated 07/01/16

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