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Parent and carers resource page

On this page we will add information from and contact details of organisations that parents have recommneded of found useful in navigation SEND and other related issues.

Please let us know if you can recommend something to add here that other parents would find useful. 

This graphic helps show how important the role and experience of parents and carers is to the planning and support process.

Page last updated: 06/05/18

Parents special educational needs and disability reforms guides

The government have made this SEND reforms guide for parents:

Parents SEND reforms guide

You can also see the full SEND Code of Practice and the guides for education, health and social care and schools or further education settings here...

SEND Code of Practice 2015

Social Care Guide / Code of practice SEND 0-25 guide

Health Professionals Guide / SEND Code of Practice 0-25

SEND - Early Years Guide 

Schools (and Alternative Provision) guide to SEND Code of Practice 0-25

SEND - Guide for further education providers

Hackney Independent Forum for Parents/Carers of Children with Disabilities (HiP)

The Department for Education recognised the need for local authorities to have a mechanism for communicating with parents of children and young people with disabilities and additional needs. They currently fund a parent carer forum in each local authority. The forums are run by parent carer volunteers and the funding mostly goes towards putting on information or consultation events and hiring speakers.

Parents Carer Forums (PCF) have a national network The National Network of Parent Carer Forums and recieve support from other organisations like Contact a Family.

In Hackney our parents carer forum is called HiP. Click on the link below for more information...

Hackney Independent Forum for Parents/Carers of Children with Disabilities (HiP)

"HiP's really useful contact list for parents/carers of autistic children and young people" is available in the download section of this page.  

Education, Health and Care Plan journeys interactive website

A new website has been launched to assess parents' and young people's satisfaction with the EHC assessment and planning process for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN). EHCP Journeys features findings from ASK Research, which looked into families' experiences of the process. It also offers advice to providers informed by its findings. The site also has a number of handy tools. See the link below or the external inks section of this page....  

Council for Disabled Children resources and information for Parents

Parents and carers are the key individuals in managing the health of disabled children, they coordinate services, act as advocates, serve as information services on top of delivering a significant proportion of their child's healthcare. 

Recognising their crucial role CDC has a number of resources and programmes that can help parents get the most out of the health services they need.

The Department of Health Funded Expert Parent Programme, has an innovative training programme for parents of disabled children. Developed with funding support from Department of Health, the Expert Parent Programme draws on current evidence of the positive impact of parent led training and empowers parents of disabled children and young people to become more confident when engaging with health services.

Information and the online materials from the workshops can be found by following the link below...

Also see... 

The Council for Disabled Children template letters requesting assessments and specific information. You can use these letters to make requests and chase up information relating to your child or young person. 

Cerebra (a charity that helps improve the lives of children with brain related conditions)

Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with brain related conditions through research, education and by directly supporting children and their carers.

The CERBRA toolkit aims to support disabled people and carers, as well as their families and advisers, who are encountering difficulties with the statutory agencies in relation to the provision of health, social care and education support services.

This toolkit aims to unpick these problems and to develop effective strategies for resolving them.

You can download the Toolkit below or from the download section of this page.

Download Problem-Solving Toolkit PDF

Special Needs Jungle website

Many families do not get the help they need because they do not know where to look or how to cut their way through increasingly complicated systems.

Special Needs Jungle is a website that aims to highlight resources and inspire and empower families to do this successfully by providing resources, tips, facts and examples.

Special Needs Jungle is the go to website for active parents who want to keep up to date with changes and develpments that may affect children, families and young people with SEND.  

Link to website in the links section of this page.

Child Safety online

Keeping children safe online is an area parents are increasingly concerned with.

Hackney's Local Offer has a comprehensive article on bullying and staying safe online that aims to help parents and young people know what to do if they are being bullied or cyber bullied. Read more...

Here are some organisations and resources that may help parents and carers to keep their children safe.

Get safe on line:

Internet matters:


COEP-(Formally the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)

UK Safer Internet Centre:

Resources from the Safer Internet Centre

Parent Zone:

The Parent Zone mission is to improve outcomes for children in a digital world.

Which means…

  • Children will be safer online.
  • Children will be resilient enough to cope with the challenges of the online world.
  • Children will be educated for a digital future.

Our approach

To work with the people and organisations that can deliver those outcomes:

  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Companies

How we can help

Parents: we offer information to help you understand the digital world and raise resilient children. Our products include:

Disabled Children - a legal handbook

This is a link to Disabled Children: a legal handbook  by Steve Broach. 

Steve Broach practices across the broad area of public law, advising and representing individuals, charities, companies and public authorities.

He has particular interest and expertise in the health, education and social care fields, with a focus on disability and children’s rights cases.

Steve also has a regulatory practice involving public law challenges to decisions of regulatory bodies and the police.

He is a passionate advocate of children and parents rights with regard to SEND. 

The book is available to buy and is also available to view and download for free from The Council for Disabled Children's website.

Contact a Family

Contact a Family is a national charity for families with disabled children.

They support families of disabled children across the UK, whatever their condition or disability.

Contact a Family provide information, advice and support and bring families together so they can support each other. They campaign to improve the circumstances of those they support, and for their right to be included and equal in society.

Contact a family have an excellent helpline that can advice on legal matters, benefits and many other topics that families with children or young people with SEND need to find out about. They also have many useful resources and guides.


Scope aims to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. They:

  • provide support, information and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year
  • raise awareness of the issues that matter
  • drive change across society to help make this country is great for everyone.

There is a link to their website in the external link section of this page where you can find more information and resources. 

Accesible toilet scheme

Radar nks keys:

Support for families experiencing domestic violence...

Nia Project – delivering cutting edge services to end violence against women and children.


Domestic Violence & Abuse Team
Telephone: 0800 056 0905
Telephone: 0208 356 4458
Telephone: 0208 356 4459


Hestia Hackney Domestic Abuse Service

Phone: 020 7387 3100

Shelter Hackney Family Service

Phone: 0344 5151 447

Family Rights Group

Phone: 0808 801 0366 - Advice Line


24 hour advice line - 0808 2000 24707825 311 058

Hackney Supporting People Programme

Gingerbread - Domestic abuse and child maintenance - Child ...

Domestic violence and sexual violence support Hackney

Further useful information...

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