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Difficulties with using the internet

Why has Hackney's put it's information on local services and support for children and young people 0-25 with special educational needs and / or disabilities on a website and not printed it out?

This is because of the amount of information (over 1000 pages and growing). Not all of this information is relevant to all the people who will use Hackney's Local Offer website.

Information provided on the internet can be in different formats for those that find visual information more helpful for example videos and Wiki websites. 

Wiki websites make sure: 

  • information is provided in a visual way that is more appropriate for some children and young people who process information differently
  • enables families to use this to support the "tell it once" approach
  • that person centred approaches are embedded
  • can lead to agreed information being shared and accessed in one place

All about Wiki websites and how they help families and young people with SEND...

Another reason digital information is used is because services locally and nationally are going through massive changes which means what they offer is changing.

We are able to keep updating information on a website in a way that would not be possible if it was printed in a guide or booklet.

We do understand that not everybody finds getting information from a website easy. Professionals working with families and young people should know how to help them find information on the Local Offer website.

We are getting very positive feedback from services and professionals that this is working. They are saying the website is allowing them to find and share information quickly with families and young people. 

We also try to help people overcome difficulties using the internet by providing the following options. 

What if I don't use the internet?

We understand that some people who need this information may not be able to access it by using the internet for a variety of reasons. Because there is a lot of information that must be kept up to date we provide this information via a website. This does not mean that you cannot access it if you don't have a computer or internet access. 

I would use the internet but I do not have access to it?

There is a shortlist function where you can save the specific information you have searched for and then print it at the end of your session. If you do not have access to a computer you (or someone on your behalf) can print off relevant information in hard copy. This can be done from any computer with a printer. There are computers available in Hackney for the public use.

Where can I access free public computers?

Public computers are available for use at the following places:

Where can I get Local Offer information printed out?

  • The public computers at Hackney Learning Trust reception on the 2nd Floor
  • Your child or young person’s school 
  • Hackney Ark Resource Centre
  • Information can be printed at Libraries but there may be a charge for this

Who can help me?

Professionals who are working with you or your child or young person e.g. 

  • School staff
  • Keyworkers
  • Social workers
  • Plan coordinators
  • Health care professionals
  • Staff at The Resource Centre

Is there anyone else who can help me?

Because of the range of information on the website we would strongly encourage using the internet wherever possible.

If you are not confident with technology or do not have a computer but are willing to use it, it is the best way to access the information.

Staff at The Resource Centre at Hackney Ark are available to help you get information using the Local Offer website on your behalf.

Once you contact a service listed on the Local Offer it is highly likely that a member of staff will contact you to discuss your situation and your child's needs.  

Face to face support with using the Local Offer

If you have questions or need help understanding how to use the Local Offer website or someone to search for information on the site for you, you can get face to face support during a Local Offer surgery at...

The Resource Centre at Hackney Ark

At these surgeries the Local Offer Coordinator will help you to find the information from the website that you need.

The Local Offer Coordinator is not a case worker and will not be able to advise you about individual situations. 

These face to face sessions are also attended by other relevant services who may be able to assist parents and carers:

Hackney SENDIAGS (SEND Information, Advice and Guidance Service) 

Short Breaks 

Information & Advice - Hackney Ark Resource Centre

Sessions currently run on the last Tuesday of the month. 

The next dates for a Local Offer Surgery at The Ark Resource Centre are: 

The next date for a  Local Offer Surgeries at Hackney Ark - Resource Centre is25/04/17 

Parents have said that if they are working it can be hard for them to make these sessions during working hours. We are looking into making this date an early bird session. Please check back nearer the day for times or look on the

What's On? page. 

How do I contact Hackney's Local Offer in writing?

Hackney Local Offer Coordinator

Hackney Learning Trust

1 Reading Lane


E8 1GQ

Leave letters or messages at Hackney Learning Trust 2nd Floor reception for the attention of the Local Offer Coordinator who will make contact with you in the preferred way stated in the letter.

Other useful information....

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