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All about Wiki websites and how they help families and young people with SEND...

What is a wiki?

Wikis are bespoke accessible, simple, secure, visual easy to build websites that can be about an individual person or a service.

They can be used to create person-centred plans using pictures, words, video and sound to capture a person’s “voice”, wishes, needs and strengths. Wiki websites help young people and their families to show their interests and hopes for the future to others that are involved with the family. They are able to keep important and helpful information on the young person that explains any practical support and communication needs. 

Watch this video that explains more…

What is a Wiki? RIX Animation from Rix Research and Media on Vimeo.


Families or Young People themselves can use their Wiki as a multi- media advocacy tool to record and share real life examples that help tell the young persons “story”

Wikis help families or young people have more influence over the Education Health and Care Planning process and make sure that the things that are important to them are explained as they would want them to be to others e.g. school staff or support services.

Wiki’s are secure, individual websites that can hold information in one place and can be accessed from anywhere that has internet connection. The website has an ‘owner’ - usually the Young Person and or family - who can invite professionals to see some or all of the information on the Wiki website. This helps young people and their families to choose and manage what to share on the Wiki and who to share it with.

A Wiki website can offer genuine collaboration between parents, teachers and professionals. 

Wiki example / Pathfinder case study

In some of the Education, Health and Care Plan ‘Pathfinders’ boroughs parents were supported to develop individual Wiki websites specifically for their daughter/son.

These Wiki websites make sure: 

  • information is provided in a visual way that is more appropriate for some children and young people who process information differently
  • enables families to use this to support the "tell it once" approach
  • that person centred approaches are embedded
  • can lead to agreed information being shared and accessed in one place

Shane’s Wiki...

Hackney Wikis from SEND services and others…

Wiki websites can also be used by services to provide user friendly information in a simple, accessible online format that describes different team’s functions.

Below are some examples of Hackney SEND teams or service Wikis. 

Get Wiki’d- Growing up with a Disability in Hackney

A group of young people from Hackney with a disability have created this wiki website to share their knowledge and understanding of the issues faced by young people with others in the community. 

Click on the image below to access the Wiki'D page

Wiki’d wiki front page

This was created with young people during a multidisciplinary project run by the children's NHS teams in Hackney.

Inclusion and Specialist Support Team

Educational Psychology Service

Education Health and Care Planning Team

Who to contact in Hackney if you are interested in having a Wiki...

Hackney Learning Trust has secured a successful bid for to set up 2000 individual Wiki websites for children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND).

If you are a parent/carer or a professional and would like more information on Wikis in Hackney or you would like to know how to register for one click on the Hackney Wiki image below.



Hackney Wiki SG image


Hackney’s Wiki project started in September 2015 and was agreed for two years. We are very pleased that this has now been extended to 2018 - and hopefully beyond.

Other useful information…

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